Abandon Government Plantation

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”               Exodus 17:15

“My brothers and sisters of the American community, please join with me today in abandoning the Government Plantation and the Party of Disappointment.  So that we may all echo the words of one Republican leader; who famously said, ‘Free at last, free at last!  Thank God Almighty we’re free at last!'”  State Senator Elbert Guillory, LA

America must turn from division to stand firmly,
defending Our Nation!

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory has left the Democrats to join the Republican Party.  Following is a speech he gave to explain the reason for his decision.  It is an excellent historical assessment of the true effects of both parties upon the lives of Black Americans – and ALL Americans.

His words apply to us all, no matter the color of our skin, reminding of the original intent of the United States Constitution and its promise of Freedom and Liberty.  He does not mince words about the adverse effects of Big Government on ALL Americans, and our economy and culture, as it destroys Our Liberty, under God.  If the embedded video fails:

Following is an excerpt from an article by Conservative Star Parker.  Please visit the site to read the article.

Star Parker One News Now, Guest Columnist, Star Parker, 6/17/13, wrote:

Why two black Louisiana Republicans switched parties

… During @Large — a conference in Baton Rouge in May aimed at attracting black conservatives — a black Democrat in the Louisiana Legislature, Elbert Guillory, announced that he was switching political parties and becoming a Republican.

Less than two weeks later,…in Central City, La., a black Democrat city councilman…. Ralph Washington, who’d also attended @Large conference, said he’s turned Republican….

… I’m asked all the time why — when it is so clear that blacks are damaged by the left-wing political agenda — black voters so uniformly and consistently support Democratic candidates who advance this agenda.

My answer is that Republicans need to start acting more like the businesspeople they claim to be….

… A 2011 Gallup poll showed that whereas 39 percent of whites say they are “very religious,” 53 percent of blacks do. Many of these “very religious” blacks are conservative and very different from blacks on the left who identify with the NAACP.

The @Large conference, where I was a speaker, was hosted by Pastor C.L. Bryant. In the new film Runaway Slave, he tells his own story about leaving the left-wing black establishment.  [See video, below.]

Bryant was president of the NAACP chapter…  his relationship with the NAACP soured when he refused to speak at a Planned Parenthood pro-abortion event.

His eyes began to… see that his traditional Christian values — protecting the unborn, promoting traditional family, individual freedom and dignity — were out of whack with the political agenda blacks were automatically signing onto….

… Or listen to now-Republican councilman Washington:

“The value system I was raised up with, it really doesn’t side with the Democrats. … Some of the things I see happening today, with the entitlement programs, we have to change. We can’t continue doing the things we are doing and survive.”…

… It has always seemed pretty clear to me that traditional values and personal freedom and responsibility must be the agenda moving forward for every American of every background.

Black Americans, like every other American, need fewer taxes taken out of their paycheck, need to be able to choose where to send their child to school, need to be able to freely pick a healthcare plan that suits their needs, and need to save for retirement instead of paying payroll taxes.
See more at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/perspectives/star-parker/2013/06/17/why-two-black-louisiana-republicans-switched-parties#sthash.7pGFdREb.dpuf


For this interview with Rev. C. L. Bryant, about his movie, “Runaway Slave,” if the embedded video fails:

And, for this interview with Deneen Borelli, author of “Blacklash,” published March 7, 2012, if the embedded video fails:


It is time for Americans in large numbers to speak Truth

about the underlying philosophy and culture that make-up the majority of American ideals and values.

It doesn’t matter what color an American’s skin happens to be,
the Silent Majority includes every race and ethnic identity.

The vocal minority has held sway in our governments long enough!

We need to heal the divisions created by Collectivist/Progressives as they have plotted, schemed and accomplished much of their agenda for the fundamental transformation of America into a collectivist/statist tyranny trampling our Nation and our Constitution.

We are in a manufactured crisis of immense proportion!  The current debacle of MILLIONS of foreign nationals having invaded America from a number of other nations did not just happen!!!

Politicians in Washington, D.C. orchestrated it over-decades by design, beginning in at least the late-1940s.  False scenarios were put-forward by Collectivist/Progressives, and fair-minded Americans believed the lies that set us on the path to the crisis we face today.

Right now, we are bombarded with imaginative propaganda aimed-at convincing us that the circus playing in the U.S. Senate is the only answer to the immigration crisis created by those who seek to change our demographics forever by deliberately allowing MILLIONS of foreign nationals to invade our Nation either by crossing the intentionally unsecured borders or overstaying visas.


They know that they can exploit the millions of Latin Americans who come to America for economic rather than philosophical or religious reasons; those who are largely predisposed to accept socialist ideals and government benefits.  They are counting on these people becoming instant voting blocks that would tip the balance of elections against constitutional principles and accompanying values to advance the goals of Collectivist/Progressives represented most visibly by the Democrat Party.

But, make no mistake, the Republican Party is home to many Fellow-Travellers, as shown by the obvious RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), e.g. Arizona Senator John McCain, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and the many others whose role appears to be SUPPRESSION of true Republicans who hold CONSTITUTIONALLY CONSERVATIVE ideals and seek to


These traitors to the meaning of American Liberty continue to subvert America with the LIE that if we are against legalizing these aliens who have no respect for our sovereignty or our laws, we are racists.

They don’t want the truth told: the majority of American Citizens and Legal Residents, including those who happen to be “Hispanic,”


Why is this true?

Because most Americans and Legal Residents believe in the principles upon which America was founded, and we know the values that produce personal responsibility and success require protection from the Lawless who have no respect for Law and Order, nor for the Sovereignty of ANY NATION.


As we fall deeper into the abyss of tyranny and abuse of power running rampant in Washington, D.C., and in our state and local governments, God is awakening America’s Silent Majority in whatever community we are found, no matter what our skin color – or multiplicity of colors represented by our blood composition – or that of our families.

We need to start speaking-out,
and to listen to others who speak Truth,
no matter the “race” or ethnicity.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”  Thomas Jefferson


The Principles of Freedom to Exercise our God-given Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of  Property [pursuit and holding of private property are necessary to achieving Happiness] are what make America the Greatest Nation ever founded upon Earth.

These principles have no color,
nor ethnicity.

America is still the best opportunity for every individual to live FREE:

  • to learn,
  • grow,
  • succeed or fail – learning in the process, and
  • to worship according to one’s conscience, or
  • choose to peaceably reject belief in God.

ALL who are here legally, and who assimilate without destroying
our Freedom and Liberty, are welcome.

[This is not a blank check to religions such as Islam, where the religion is one part of a military/political/religious system whose goal is forced-compliance and world domination.]


Decreeing MILLIONS of illegals “legal” does not make them
law-abiding Americans nor Legal Residents.

“Legalizing” the MILLIONS of foreign nationals, including Islamic terrorists, and those who fully intend to make the American Southwest into “Aztlan,” is aiding and abetting the enemy.


This map shows which States these subversives claim belong to Mexico.  The Mexican Government has been a party to indoctrinating Mexicans that the United States stole “Aztlan;” encouraging them to cross the border and reclaim it!


The politicians who are trying to shove amnesty down our throats along with Obamacare and all the other unconstitutional acts of present and past governments, are aiding and abetting the very serious goals of these seditionists.  They are traitors to We the Sovereign American People, and to their fiduciary duty to protect the public health, safety, and welfare under the United States Constitution.

It is essential to control immigration to protect
those legally living in any nation.

Open borders and uncontrolled numbers of human beings coming into a country constitute a foreign invasion that can only overwhelm the existing economic and governmental system, and destroy the infrastructure necessary to support a vibrant culture.

When those invaders take jobs and are also given government benefits, they are stealing the substance and property of those who have legal right to be in the country and are the producers of that stolen substance and property.  The most important fiduciary duty and purpose of government is protecting the citizenry for whom it works.

“Legalizing” invaders to “bring them out-of-the-shadows” is not a Biblical, nor a Constitutional, goal!  On 6/20/13, Senator John McCain passionately showed his true colors in no uncertain terms,

Eleven million people are living in the shadows!  And by god, they’re being exploited every single day!”

Every time he runs for re-election, McCain backs away from his stand for amnesty, because he knows Arizonans would NOT return him to the Senate if he didn’t deny his true intent.  Our new senator, Jeff Flake, has been well-trained by McCain and former senator Jon Kyl; he also “steered-clear” of his now obvious intent to seek amnesty!

Illegals are not the ones exploited!

Quite the opposite, they are the ones exploiting Legal Citizens and Residents of this Nation!!!  And they continue to demand even more!!!


Throughout Man’s History nations have defended their borders against foreign invasion.  The nations that have abandoned the wisdom of protecting their sovereignty in the past few decades, have done so as part of the effort to collectivize Europe and the United States of America.  Their, and Our, fragmenting cultures, economies, and governments are natural results of this folly.

God does not tell us to drop our borders, impose free trade between nations, impose our will upon other nations without a cause of self-defense, or lie-down to surrender our sovereignty and our liberty to foreign invaders.

Americans did not put these invaders into the shadows!!!

We did not invite them to invade our country!  Regardless of our rogue government’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, these invaders KNEW they were invading another Nation!  They know they are illegally here!  Furthermore,

They are NOT living in the shadows!!!

Witness the demonstrations and demands of illegals on our streets and even in the very Hearing Rooms of our Congress! All of these actions occur without punishment.

They chose to invade our country.

If they think they are “living in the shadows” demanding more and more benefits while stealing from We the Sovereign American People,



So-called “Dreamers” care so much for our laws, our liberty, and personal rights, that THEY DEMAND even more from our States than the “legalization” given them by Mr. Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order of the Summer of 2012.  They dare to demand further legalization!

In Chicago, these Dreamers” are attending MEDICAL SCHOOL and taxpayers are paying their tuition!!!

By what right do these illegals claim privileges not even given
to Legal Citizens and Residents???

All Liberty-loving Americans and Legal Immigrants

must unite and say,



We must open our eyes to see the ploys of the Collectivist/Progressives as they drive wedges deeper into our National Identity.


Following is an excerpt from an article by Conservative Michelle Malkin.  Please visit the site to read the article.

Michelle Malkin  One News Now, Guest Columnist Michelle Malkin, 6/19/13, wrote:

The amnesty mob vs. America

You can try to put “conservative” lipstick on the lawless amnesty mob. In the end, however, it’s still a lawless mob.

The big government/big business alliance to protect illegal immigration got a lot of mileage using foolish Republicans Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan as front men. But the true colors of the open-borders grievance-mongers always show through.

After America said no to a pork-filled security-undermining amnesty bill in 2007, the No Illegal Alien Left Behind lobbyists changed their overtly thuggish tactics. They put down their upside-down American flags, stopped wearing their commie Che Guevara T-shirts and cloaked their radical “Aztlan” aspirations in the less divisive rhetoric of “reform” and “opportunity.”

It was all just an act, of course. Inevitably, the mask has slipped. Over the weekend, illegal alien protesters descended on the private residence of Kansas Secretary of State and immigration enforcement lawyer Kris Kobach. As Twitchy.com reported on Saturday, 300 amnesty activists marched into Kobach’s neighborhood and barged up his driveway and right onto his doorstep. It’s how the Alinskyite “community organizers” roll….
See more at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/perspectives/michelle-malkin/2013/06/19/the-amnesty-mob-vs-america#sthash.rIK4AMjo.dpuf


For those who may think Mr. Obama is keeping his influence out of the “negotiations” on “immigration reform,”

New York Times, Michael D. Shear, 6/20/13, wrote:

White House Offers Stealth Campaign to Support Immigration Bill

WASHINGTON — The hide-out has no sign on the door, but inside Dirksen 201 is a spare suite of offices the White House has transformed into its covert immigration war room on Capitol Hill.

Strategically located down the hall from the Senate Judiciary Committee in one of the city’s massive Congressional office buildings, the work space normally reserved for the vice president is now the hub of a stealthy legislative operation run by President Obama’s staff. Their goal is to quietly secure passage of the first immigration overhaul in a quarter century….
Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/21/us/politics/stealth-campaign-from-the-white-house-for-an-immigration-bill.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
Please cut and paste this site address.


America, this fight to “legalize” invading foreign nationals who are aliens illegally in our country, is part of the deliberate century-old effort to fundamentally transform Our Nation, under God, into a tyrannical collectivist state.  [See WHO IS Obama Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Left Center Right, Transforming America, and other writings on this site.]

We must call and write to our Senators and Representatives:
End this Travesty of Justice!!!

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”  Thomas Jefferson

We must speak Truth loudly and incessantly, OR

We are already,

Post-Constitutional America!

We must stop this deliberate destruction of our Constitution and our Nation before it is too late!



Itasca Small


“Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.  In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens…. Let it simply be asked, where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice?”  George Washington, Farewell Address

Americas Big Brother

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”               Exodus 17:15

George Orwell’s “1984” Big Brother
is alive and well in
2013 America!

Barack Obama’s
proves it:

‘I think it’s important to understand that you can’t have 100 percent security and then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience,’ Obama said. ‘We’re going to have to make some choices as a society.’      Read more: http://patriotupdate.com/2013/06/obama-you-cant-have-100-security-and-100-privacy/#ixzz2W5K2H89T

Those who would give up Essential Liberty
to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

[For the history of this quote and other analyses: http://kevincraig.us/tempsec.htm ]


“While people are saying, ‘There is peace and security,’ then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman and they will not escape.”  1 Thessalonians 5:3


Big Brother Barack Obama has instituted infrastructure making “1984” a reality in the second decade of the 21st Century.

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”  Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights.


“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”  Thomas Jefferson


Elected officials in our Federal Government of both parties have stretched the Constitution beyond the limits.  The Fourth Amendment is clear in declaring the scope of protection it guarantees to We the Sovereign American People, in our inviolate Right to be safe from governmental spying upon our lives, without specific sworn testimony of probable cause that a crime has been committed.

The description, “…persons, houses, papers, and effects,…” clearly shows the  Framers’ intent –

  • my phone calls are a modern-day extension of “my effects;”
  • my internet activity is a modern-day extension of “my papers;”
  • my private activities are conducted in a modern-day extension of my house and/or in the capacity of “my person;”
  • internet activities include an extension of my constitutionally protected “right to travel,” just as is the right to operate and/or ride in a private vehicle and to travel by public transportation.

On the last one, I am confident that the Framers and the Citizens who insisted that this and the other Nine Amendments become part of the Constitution, would agree that modern technology has provided us with many means of “travel” undreamed of in their time.  Not having had such miracles at their disposal, had they been given a glimpse into the Future – our comparatively wondrous time – they would have fully apprehended the freedom of travel that all modern forms truly provide; including the right to travel by horse or carriage when so one chooses.

Claims and court decisions to the contrary, when I purchase the use of a company’s equipment for my private communications and/or “travel” via surfing the ‘net, I do not give-up my right to the private nature of my actions.

The requirement for Warrants is obviously the mechanism for insuring the Right to Privacy inherent in this Amendment.  Blanket Warrants expanded to cover ANY American under the sworn accusation of probable criminal acts other than the person against whom the warrant legitimately issued, are without doubt unconstitutional.

Any finagling and wordsmithing to the contrary is wrong.  Any action taken by government directly, or through intimidation of private entities, to monitor and/or gather private information without probable cause is unconstitutional.

“Laws” to the contrary are unconstitutional.

Just because two or more branches of government collude to pretend lawfulness and constitutionality, does not make it so.


Added to the basic fact of the spying, it is also glaringly obvious that the federal government is stealing billions of taxpayer dollars to support and store the information it is gathering on every American, and Others, in this Nation, who owns and/or uses a cellular telephone, and everyone who uses a computer online.  (See below for more on the gathering, storage, and use of our data.)

There is only one reason for a government to amass
such mega amounts of data on its citizenry.

This is not happening to catch terrorists!

It may or may not be used for that purpose.

I, for One, do not believe everything the government says!

The ONLY PURPOSE for such activity is
to use it against the

Example on-point: the recently publicized Obama Internal Revenue Service’s unconstitutional treatment of hundreds of citizen groups applying for 501(c)4 status, as it imposed inexcusable processing delays and – with penalty of perjury – demanded that constitutionally protected information be supplied.

aerial view of NSA Utah Data Center in Bluffdale


collecting data on YOU, without a warrant.

    NSA Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on May 30th, 2013

The NSA website states:

We held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Utah Data Center today
[code-named Bumblehive] in celebration of the completion of the
exterior building construction.
[Please note the collectivism-inspired “Bumblehive.”]

The NSA’s position:

[In true, “1984” Collectivist/Progressive “Newspeak:”]

“Your Data:
If You Have Nothing to Hide,
You Have Nothing to Fear”



If they have the audacity to blatantly conduct fishing expeditions, who really believes the terabytes of information they are storing gathered from secret surveillance against ALL AMERICANS would not be treasure troves for tyrannical government?



It doesn’t matter what “party” is in power, the beginning of the surveillance was under the Bush Administration.  The Obama Administration is expanding it exponentially, under the guise of the Patriot Act, Section 215, which DOES NOT AUTHORIZE the metadata gathering from EVERYBODY!!!  But, has apparently lent itself to broad imposition taking advantage of the FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) having no wriggle-room if the administration presents appropriately written documentation.  For one analysis of Section 215 and its implementation:

There are RINO“Republicans”
who think the Patriot Act is


Barack Obama has pulled a “Mega Flip-Flop” from his pre-occupancy of the presidency days.  For a video and the article from which the following excerpts were pulled: http://washingtonexaminer.com/obama-now-defends-surveillance-programs-he-opposed/article/2531576

“If someone wants to know why their own government has decided to go on a fishing expedition through every personal record or private document — through library books they’ve read and phone calls they’ve made — this legislation gives people no rights to appeal the need for such a search in a court of law. No judge will hear their plea, no jury will hear their case. This is just plain wrong.” – Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., discussing the Patriot Act, December 2005

“As a senator, Obama warned about U.S. intelligence agencies going on “fishing expeditions,” lamenting the monitoring of innocent Americans’ library books and phone records. Now he calls the collection of millions of phone records — even for those with no connection to government investigations — a “critical tool” in protecting the homeland.”

Another excerpt from an analysis of relevant statements from both parties:

(CNN) — One congressman says it’s “shocking” how the Obama administration is now using the Patriot Act. But a senator says the secret court order for American phone records is “lawful.”… Former Vice President Al Gore wrote on Twitter: “Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?”  http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/06/us/patriot-act-verizon

Even the Collectivist/Progressive ACLU is against both actions: http://betanews.com/2013/06/12/aclu-joins-the-party-files-challenge-against-the-nsa-and-verizon/



The federal government is obtaining data on billions of phone calls without probable cause via FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Warrant.  On 6/12/13, on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor,” Senator Rand Paul said that it looks like ALL CELLPHONE CALLS are tracked, not just Verizon calls.  Senator Paul also wrote an article for Fox News.  Both are found here: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/06/12/sorry-mr-obama-constitution-is-not-negotiable/.   Here is an excerpt from the article:

“In the United States, we are supposed to have a government that is limited with its parameters established by our Constitution. This notion that the federal government can monitor everyone’s phone data is a major departure from how Americans have traditionally viewed the role of government.

“If this is acceptable practice, as the White House and many in both parties now say it is, then there are literally no constitutional protections that can be guaranteed anymore to citizens.

“In the name of security, say our leaders, the Constitution has become negotiable….”
The Read more link to the same page: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/06/12/sorry-mr-obama-constitution-is-not-negotiable/#ixzz2W4emZYPS

The National Security Agency (NSA) is also conducting Internet spying through the servers of at least nine internet service companies.  Everything we do online is open to unconstitutional spying.

Excerpts from the Guardian:

“The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian.


“The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called Prism, which allows officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says.

PRISM slide crop

“The Guardian has verified the authenticity of the document, a 41-slide PowerPoint presentation – classified as top secret with no distribution to foreign allies – which was apparently used to train intelligence operatives on the capabilities of the program. The document claims “collection directly from the servers” of major US service providers.

“The Obama administration is invoking an obscure legal privilege to avoid judicial scrutiny of its secret collection of the communications of potentially millions of Americans.

“Civil liberties lawyers trying to hold the administration to account through the courts for its surveillance of phone calls and emails of American citizens have been repeatedly stymied by the government’s recourse to the “military and state secrets privilege”. The precedent, rarely used but devastating in its legal impact, allows the government to claim that it cannot be submitted to judicial oversight because to do so it would have to compromise national security.

“The government has cited the privilege in two active lawsuits being heard by a federal court in the northern district of California – Virginia v Barack Obama et al, and Carolyn Jewel v the National Security Agency. In both cases, the Obama administration has called for the cases to be dismissed on the grounds that the government’s secret activities must remain secret.

“Over the last week, three main prongs of top secret government intelligence activity have come to light. These are the dragnet collection and storage of Americans’ phone records; the exploitation of data from the world’s largest Internet companies with their apparent co-operation; and the casing of potential targets overseas for pre-emptive cyber-attacks.

“The overarching story is unfolding on many fronts. The internet companies issued similarly worded, strong denials Friday of participation in the data exploitation programs, known by the NSA as Prism. We’ll look more closely today at contradictions between what the companies are saying and what leaked government documents show.”


The “Justice” Department under Attorney General Eric Holder,

wiretapped the phones of twenty members of the press, and personally signed-off on an unjustified and unconstitutional warrant application against Fox Newsman James Rosen.  Holder recently lied to Congress by saying he had nothing to do with such actions against the press just before the Rosen case and Holder’s own involvement becoming public.

The Treasury Department

Already proven rogue in its blatantly unconstitutional actions against groups applying for 501(c)4 status, the Internal Revenue Service is expanding to include 16,000 Obamacare Enforcers, as millions of private, patient medical records have already been transferred into IRS hands.

The infrastructure putting private personal information on every person in America into those “dirty hands,” is well on its way to creating a federal government database that will enable

instant Executive Branch access to ALL OF AMERICA’S PERSONAL DATA, along with that being gathered and stored from cellphone records and the Internet, at the whim of unscrupulous governmental officials and/or “lone wolves” to abuse at will.

The president (now, and whomever that is in the future) will hold unprecedented, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, TYRANNICAL POWER over the lives of every American, and every person residing here to whom the government grants access to Obamacare.


“…I am committed against every thing which, in my judgment, may weaken, endanger, or destroy [the Constitution]…and especially against all extension of Executive power; and I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the power and the patronage of the Government itself….”  Daniel Webster


In February, 2013, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), in an interview with TV One’s Roland Martin, extolled the virtues of Obama’s campaign database built by his “Organizing for America” campaign.

That campaign organization was later transformed into “Organizing for Action,” a 501(c)4.  I would surmise that this (c)4 was not subjected to months of delay and demands for information that the government has no constitutional authority to gather!

Following is an excerpt from Glenn Beck’s program:

“… Waters praised the President for putting together a campaign database that has information ‘about everything on every individual.’

“…sounds like this is starting to become a hobby of President Obama’s.

“‘And that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been done before,’ Waters said, referring to President Obama’s Organizing for America….

“‘… The inauguration represented the beginning of his second term, but it also represented the countdown to the end of his presidency. And the reality is, like anything else, you better get what you can while he’s there because, look, come 2016, that’s it,’ Martin said.

“‘I don’t know, and I think some people are missing something here,’ Waters said.

“’The president has put in place an organization that contains a kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life,’ she added. ‘That’s going to be very, very powerful.’…

“‘…I know she’s talking about Organizing for America here, but the same people that have put together this NSA thing are the same people that are doing his work,’ Glenn said. ‘This stuff exists and is out there.  Here’s why this is really important:  The line that she said, what he is leaving in place,’ that’s the same thing that those who are against the PATRIOT Act tried to tell dopes like me:  Once you put it in, you never get it out.’…

“‘…It’s the exact point, by the way, you made last week when you were talking about if Hitler had this technology at the time, there wouldn’t be a Jew left on the planet,’ Stu said. ‘That’s because he would be able ‑‑ he would have been able to find them.  He[They] wouldn’t have been able to move, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything.  There would be no escapes.’”


For those who cry,
“It’s legal!  We aren’t breaking any laws!” –



It’s high-time

We the Sovereign American People

take back our Nation

and reestablish our Constitution!!!



No matter what the name is,


Itasca Small


“It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.  There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.  They promise to be good master, but they mean to be masters.”  Daniel Webster

Put God Back in THIS House

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”               Exodus 17:15

Who Are We Really, America?

“… O my people, your leaders mislead you, and they have corrupted the direction of your ways.”   Isaiah 3:12b

Do we really understand the RIGHTS our Constitution and its Bill of Rights, guarantee to We, the Sovereign American People?

There have been abuses of those Rights for decades.  But, they have increased alarmingly since America gave Barack Hussein Obama the office of the presidency.

In the past few weeks, new revelations continue to surface – almost daily, it seems.  Some of the abuses of power during his tenure occupying the office:

  • Using false identification documents,
  • lying with impunity,
  • Obamacare,
  • billions of taxpayer dollars wasted on his cronies and pseudo-scientific “green” energy,
  • the Stimulus Bill,
  • appointing dozens of unconstitutional “czars,”
  • takeover of car manufacturers with forced closing of dealerships and denial of bondholders rights,
  • calling the Fort Hood terrorist attack “Workplace Violence!”
  • Fast and Furious: the deaths of two U.S. Border Agents and many Mexicans in their own country!
  • Doing NOTHING to help in the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi with four Americans murdered – one of whom was our AMBASSADOR to Libya; did he issue the “STAND DOWN” ORDER?
  • EPA/USDA, etc., abuses of the American People,
  • Internal Revenue Service abuses of the American People,
  • spying on MILLIONS of INNOCENT Americans,
  • refusing to execute the laws of the land,
  • issuing reams of unconstitutional executive orders,
  • changing laws by executive fiat,
  • declaring illegal aliens lawful by executive fiat,
  • presiding as commander-in-chief over persecution of military service members and veterans and throwing God out of our military, while welcoming Islam!
  • aiding and abetting our enemies with financial and military aid,
  • many refugee victims of industrial wind energy forced to abandon their homes to escape the very serious health effects of wind turbine-generated infrasound and other low-frequency sound waves [The author of this blog being just one of them!]
  • ETC.

All of which are abuses of the Constitution and the Bill of RightsTogether, they spell:

These actions constitute a blatant pattern of deliberate abuse of power and violation of the United States Constitution he is sworn to uphold.  As long as he says what his adoring fans want to hear in his perpetual propaganda campaign mode, they believe lies and refuse to see that his administration is the most corrupt in our history.

“They continually escalate Alinsky tactics to implement their wartime strategy ever-more-openly, as their hubris grows –

Confident they cannot be stopped!!!
How could WE stop THEM?

“After all: ‘The political philosophy of collectivism is based on a view of man as a congenital incompetent, a helpless, mindless creature who must be fooled and ruled by a special élite with some unspecified claim to superior wisdom and a lust for power.’  Ayn Rand & Leonard Peikoff Quotes Page, at:
[Quoted from ‘ WHO IS Obama Part 2 Foundation ‘ posted on this site.]

Why is this happening without We the American People demanding an
End to this evermore-visible, macabre performance by the
“Emperor Who Has No Clothes?”

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”  2 Thessalonians 2:11-12


But, we are not all deluded!
It is NOT time to “throw-in-the-towel.”

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/HitLikeIfAgreed?ref=hlthttps://www.facebook.com/HitLikeIfAgreed?fref=ts

This Facebook post impressed me because it is a powerful, spontaneous record of mass communications between Americans divided into three “camps” on fundamental questions about our National World View (philosophers call it Weltanschauung), and National Character.  The Facebook statistics show an overwhelming number of responders identified with just one of the three camps.  [More details follow, below.]


is America’s Biblical Foundation and Identity; declared by our National Motto, “In God We Trust,” and in the declaration in our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “One Nation, under God.”

“Americans know the truth in our hearts…

“Now, we are in a Gathering Darkness, as the forces of that Rebellion wage war against God and the Liberty and Rights He has blessed us with as the Greatest Nation ever formed upon the earth.  Greatest because of our own prowess and strength?  No, Greatest because,


[Quoted from WHO IS Obama Part 4 Heaven on Earth posted on this site.]


is the politically correct, but historically inaccurate belief that America is not by character, a Christian Nation, but, is rather, an atheistic nation severed from any acknowledgement of the Judeo-Christian God in the public arena. And, that He be eradicated from the hearts, minds, and souls of all Americans.

A basic tenet of collectivism/progressivism is the denial and removal of Judeo-Christian beliefs and The Holy Bible from society (the fictitious “Collective” body):

“The world is bad.
God won’t fix it.
‘We’ can fix it!
‘We’ will fix it!”


Americans who tragically believe that our nation is full of racist, white-skinned people who hate all people who happen to have different-colored skin, especially those characterized as “black,” or “brown.”

Another basic tenet of collectivism/progressivism is the division of the people into racial and/or ethnic groups to divide and conquer ALL.

The following link is to a lower-quality video, but it has on-screen & voice-over commentary on racism clear in Joe Biden’s false statement about Conservatives, “They’re gonna put ya’all back in chains,” and Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing and controversial statements. [This site is the only place I could find this particular treatment of the racism angle.]: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1f4_1345305336
For my original treatment of this and another version of the Biden video, see WHO IS Obama Part 4 Heaven on Earth” posted on this site.


I believe we, as Americans, would do well to contemplate these questions:

  • Is America a Christian Nation?
  • Is America’s Christian Biblical Foundation the reason Her citizens are FREE to worship God, OR NOT, as individuals?
  • Is it why people of other faiths are FREE to worship as they choose, in America?
  • Is it why the United States Constitution protects individuals and individual property rights, based in the Common Law – founded upon the Ten Commandments of The Holy Bible?
  • Is it why the United States of America is the most free nation ever established on Earth – guaranteeing to All the Right to worship according to conscience, while insuring that the government functions by God’s Ten Commandments to effect the most righteous protections of Individuals and their property, and not by rule of men and their whims and prejudices?
  • Is it why the American Republic protects the Minority from the tyranny of the Majority, which by definition always prevails in a “Democracy?”

Each of these questions has only one correct answer:


As our Biblical Foundation is under relentless attack

by those who either reject, or do not understand, the intimate structural relationship of God, our Constitution, and the Freedom to exercise Our Liberty under God, the very fiber of our exceptional nation is being ripped-out and burned on the Altar of Collectivism.

Acknowledgement of God’s proper place in the leadership of our government is necessary to understand how our nation functions and prospers. Denying God by rejecting His natural presence in our LIMITED Government denies all the good inherent in that Government’s Constitutional Mandate.

Those who are deliberately rooting-out specifically and exclusively Judeo-Christian values from the public arena on the false grounds of a mythical “separation of church and state,” deny the historical fact that the First Amendment protects Freedom of Religion.

Which implies freedom OF all religion, AS LONG AS NO RELIGION attempts to politically, economically, or militarily enslave the nation, such as the all-encompassing shackles of Islam.  Islam is a statist religious, political and military  system with the goal, Worldwide Domination.

Christianity under the United States Constitution is NOTHING OF THE KIND!

The First Amendment protection includes the right of individuals in ANY CAPACITY in America to live by Christian values and precepts, and to emulate them in their daily lives; including in governmental positions of every kind.

Living one’s faith is not the same as government imposing an

The First Amendment declares:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,…”  First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Those who erroneously invoke the phrase, “separation of church and state” as a clause in our Constitution, are inserting a concept only misunderstood/misapplied since the 1947, Supreme Court Decision in the case Everson v. Board of Education, in which the now common definition was first declared.  The collectivist/progressive-influence in public education picked-up-the-ball and ran with it – indoctrinating later American Generations with the false meaning.

Thomas Jefferson used the phrase to make a specific point in one letter.  Taken out of that context, it is misunderstood and wrongly applied in our day.  Following is an excerpt from an excellent analysis of the First Amendment and Jefferson’s many surviving statements about it.  I highly recommend this article for a clear understanding of Jefferson’s use of the phrase and the meaning and intent of the First Amendment:

“Jefferson believed that God, not government, was the Author and Source of our rights and that the government, therefore, was to be prevented from interference with those rights. Very simply, the “fence” of the Webster letter and the “wall” of the Danbury letter were not to limit religious activities in public; rather they were to limit the power of the government to prohibit or interfere with those expressions.”

The First Amendment prohibits Congress establishing a state religion as existed for centuries in Europe, and in certain of the States.  In which, there is an official established” state religion with attendant privileges and responsibilities.  Since the Constitution‘s ratification, God has always been present in our public arena through individuals, but no established state religion has existed in America.

As long as some Americans choose to equate religious expression as imposition of a state religion, they are falsely representing the true nature of worship and abstinence therefrom, in America.

The very fact that Christians are specifically being singled-out, ostracized and forced into silence while practitioners of non-Christian “religions” are allowed to impose their practices and beliefs into the public arena, is proof that the agenda of those crying, “separation of church and state” are selectively attacking Christianity.


On May 3, 2013, the above photo of the White House with its heading,
“Time to put God back in THIS house!!!”
was posted on Facebook.com.

As of June 9, the “Following” statistics showed 502,683 “Likes,” 26,957 “Comments,” and 85,485 “Shares.”  So, over half a million people clicked on the “Like” button in five weeks.

Many commenters argued whether or not God lives in a house, or in the White House.  Many argued separation of church and state,” with an apparent minority insisting upon the incorrect use of the phrase (I did not read all comments).  A number argued over the accusation those who “Liked” the statement were racists and just didn’t like the Obama Family residing in the White House because they are “Black.”

Those Facebook participants who responded favorably to the title outnumbered those who did not like the statement, by hundreds of thousands!  Of course, a scientific analysis would need a statistical breakdown to apply this “poll” to the whole country.

I found it an encouraging sign, as Collectivist/Progressives dismantle and fundamentally transform America with impunity!

They are the minority!
We must awaken and declare,
“NO MORE!!!”


I answered certain of the comments, and share them here.  I do not know if it’s okay to use commenters’ names from Facebook, so I’m going to use the gender and a number for each one, and “—” in the text.

Man, #1:

“God doesn’t live in a house. He lives in your heart.”

My response:

“True, — .  But also, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.’  God teaches and promotes the concept of a physical structure representing a place of abode and applies it to multiple physical and spiritual applications of the underlying concept.  He being Spirit, the enduring, eternal concept of abiding encompasses dwelling places beyond the individual human heart.  He is not restricted to one confining, representational type of dwelling place.

“Wherever God in His attribute of omnipresence, chooses to abide, He does dwell. He is Love; if I invite Him to dwell in my heart, by Love He exercises His will and purpose and abides all-around me physically and spiritually.  Thus, He abides in my dwelling with me.

“Hence, if someone dwells in the White House and does not invite God to live in his own heart, God will also not abide in that person’s physical dwelling – or ‘house.’  And, it is quite proper to judge by their fruits whether or not the occupants of a particular ‘house’ are accompanied, in the sense of abiding, there by God.  In His Omnipresent Nature, God is spiritually present, but chooses to allow the occupant Free Will by not imposing Himself in a state of abiding or dwelling therein.

“So, it is possible that God does not dwell in the heart of the occupant. Then, it is also possible that God does not dwell in the White House. But, that does not mean He never will, or never does, dwell there.”


Woman, #2:

“What is needed is for good, ethical, moral, wise men and women to be our leaders in Government. Sadly, that is lacking in many in Congress and throughout the States.”

Man, #3:

“The original intention was to keep government out of the church, but not the church out of the government”

My response to Man, #3:

‘The original intention was to keep government out of the church, but NOT GOD OUT OF AMERICA.’

“The Founding Fathers were well-aware that they were basing the Constitution on the Common Law and thereby on the Ten Commandments of ‘The Holy Bible.’ Further, the 1st Amendment was meant to ‘disestablish’ existing state churches… (‘disestablishmentarianism’ is an important part of American Freedom, applied to the mostly-Christian Americans seeking to abolish established state churches.)

“The motivation was to end the centuries-old European practice of the state imposing automatic membership in ‘The Church’ – for centuries just the Roman Catholic Church – at birth.  Membership was imposed upon every citizen with the ritual of infant baptism and ‘christening,’ which was also later continued by certain nations with their own form of Protestantism that was still closely structured similar to Catholicism.

“Point of interest: this practice was similar to, BUT NOT THE SAME AS, imposition of Sharia in Islamic countries.

“Several American Colonies had followed  Europe and ‘established’ their own form of Protestantism, and ostracized citizens who did not want to comply.  This practice, although centuries old, was NOT that of the Original Christian Church.  It was ushered into European life by the Roman Emperor Constantine, who saw that the adage, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” could be used to Rome’s advantage when Christianity just wouldn’t die-out.

“This also gave Constantine and those that followed him, the chance to bring paganism into the practices and doctrines of the resulting Roman Catholic Church.

“An excellent historical analysis written by a brilliant Fulbright Scholar from his research of original documents in Europe – circa 1950, is, ‘The Reformers and Their Stepchildren,’ 1964.  Written by Reverend Leonard Verduin, it is available from online booksellers.  His last book, published when he was 101, is also available online; ‘That First Amendment and the Remnant,’ 1998, on the true foundation of the Amendment in our American Constitution.  [I knew Reverend Verduin in his later years, and recommend his highly-regarded works.]

“It is painfully obvious from a cursory perusal of the comments in this thread, that the historical education of Americans has hit a disastrous low.  It is also painfully clear that this is a large part of why so many Americans do not understand that our Nation teeters on the brink of tyranny and enslavement.

“God attacked by those who would destroy America’s Moral Values and Moral Absolutes.  When one does not discern and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ, and His Love and Atonement for All who will believe in Him, he is easily deceived by the lies of collectivism/progressivism, aka: all forms of socialism and communism.  [See WHO IS Obama Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Left Center Right, posted on this site.]

“One of the means to that end is to wrongly define Christianity and the First Amendment, thereby turning the Deceived against all concept of God influencing the hearts of those who lead us.

It is also important to understand that

It is the ONLY faith in the world that is a

“The result of which produces a man (or woman) who believes in governing by righteous and moral laws and not by the whims and desires of those who believe right and wrong are what THEY decide they are.

America is a Nation of Laws because She is founded
the Righteous Laws of God.

“The Collectivist/Progressives are the ones who have created UNJUST laws that are destroying America’s Freedom to exercise our God-given Liberty!  They Destroy, then blame the enslaving results on the Innocent, Freedom and Liberty-loving Americans who plead for a true return to the Constitution and the God-given Rights guaranteed to Us by it.  


The Constitution established LIMITED GOVERNMENT.
Departure from it imposes TYRANNY IN EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENT!
Tyranny steals property and shackles the Individual!

“With God guiding Her, America was able to learn and grow beyond injustice, such as human slavery, to become the Greatest Nation ever established on Earth.  But, with God pushed farther and farther out of Government, and out of the Hearts of Her People and our Leaders, injustice began to take hold once again.

Only Almighty God can open the hearts, minds, and souls
of Americans and thereby

from ‘a Thousand Years of Darkness’!!!

Within the Abyss is a
New Darker Dark Ages!!!


When I read Man #4’s comment,

I was immediately reminded how Collectivist/Progressives have deliberately caused division among Americans with charges of racism, and by condemning Early America and the Constitution because of human slavery.  Then, promising deliverance from this false “Straw Man.”

Man #4:

“You know this isn’t about putting God back in the WH, it’s about a Black family being there, and you people can’t stand it. It’s eating at you people so bad you’ll will do and say anything to spread your propaganda, fear mongering and whatever else you people can think of.”

I didn’t attempt to count the replies generated by Man #4’s statement; there were many!  These replies were also divided into two camps: those in full agreement with him, and those respectfully trying to tell him he was wrong and that the Obama family’s skin color is irrelevant to those who oppose Mr. Obama’s occupancy of the office of the presidency of the United States.

Man #5:

“I’m sorry that you really believe that sir….I don’t care if the president is white, black, green, or purple, or any other color….what is important is that this country WAS INDEED founded on our right to worship GOD, and now too many are agreeing to take God out of our public right to honor or worship Him…..and to be honest, I just don’t appreciate any president standing up before the world and stating that ‘we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation’, and as well, I don’t appreciate ANY government telling me WHAT I have to buy for myself, then taxing or ‘fining’ me because I do not comply with their laws that dictate what we citizens of this country must pay out to meet their demands…..such as the ‘Obamacare’ that is being forced on the American public. That title ‘Obamacare’ is in itself is proof that this president is overstepping his bounds as this country’s leader.”


In my answer to Man #4, I was moved to discuss the elephant in the room,” the persistent currently unfounded charges of racism against ‘White Christian America’ and the reactionary racism against ‘White Christian Americans’ based-upon the terrible institution of slavery that officially ended 150 years ago.  That end came after a long struggle by Christian Abolitionists to overcome the Federal Government’s deliberate perpetuation of slavery.  (Historian Michael Medved, March, 2013, radio show.)

With passions stirred by false accusations, many ‘Black Americans’ seem to focus on America’s long-past slavery, while ignoring the historical fact of human slavery’s prevalence for millenia in ALL nations and of human beings of ALL skin colors.

As a nation, 21st Century America is not racist and
DO NOT want to enslave ANYONE!

It is the Collectivist/Progressives in America who intend to ENSLAVE OUR NATION, fomenting racist hatred and stirring-up the mistaken passions of people like Man #4.

“By their fruit ye shall know them!”

The fruit of the Obama White House is
Destruction of OUR RIGHTS!!!


I do not deny the injustice of segregation that lasted so long in certain States.  In fact, in the early 1970s, my American Indianfamily members were victims of racism in Oklahoma when they experienced car trouble travelling to my uncle’s funeral.  They were refused timely mechanical service because of the color of their skin, causing them to miss the service.

But, most of America has not been racist for decades, and most of America is not racist in the 21st Century.  The only reason there is racism at all now, is because the Collectivist/Progressives continue to claim it against ‘White Americans,’ deliberately trying to incite reactionary racism in Americans of all skin colors.

They deliberately enact programs calculated to suppress all Americans, and in Democrat-controlled cities and states, minorities seem to suffer the most.  Then, they claim to care about the minorities while crying, “Racist!” laying the blame upon Constitutionally Conservative, Libertarian, and Moderate Americans.

They falsely accuse as racist those who want to protect our Free American REPUBLIC, our Free Culture, and our Free Economy, from foreign nationals breaking our laws by entering our country ILLEGALLY, and from those immigrants who specifically fracture our culture by refusing to assimilate and become cultural Americans, and speak the language of our Nation.

A nation cannot long keep its Freedom and Identity when certain legal immigrants, and foreign nationals illegally present in the country, destroy her cohesiveness from within.  National Borders have been sacrosanct throughout Human History!!!  Borders, Language, and Culture are necessary to a nation’s survival.  [See DO NATIONS NEED BORDERS posted on this site.]

The Collectivist/Progressives seek to foment division between races, ethnicities, and artificially created economic “classes,” to deceive them into keeping THOSE CAUSING their suffering, in-power!!!

My response to Man #4:
[I have added some comments and links, in brackets.]

“Dear —— , I am mostly Chickasaw; also of Choctaw, Sac/Fox, English, Welsh, German, and quite possibly “Black American,” descent.  America was NOT THE ONLY Nation in the world enslaving human beings!  It did, in fact, END SLAVERY, due to Christians who risked and gave their lives for decades to fight the ENSLAVING INFLUENCE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!

“And ‘Black People’ were NOT THE ONLY human beings enslaved and/or treated worse than animals!  American Indians also held slaves and were enslaved – in North America and the Caribbean – and were themselves TREATED ABOMINABLY and DECIMATED.

[I don’t recall historical facts telling of Africans being brought to America and annihilated by the millions with plagues, by the thousands in wars and massacres, and by the thousands on Tracks of Tears as Tribes were forced to “relocate,” dying on the trail from contaminated food, disease, starvation and exposure.]

[But, we have moved beyond the horrors of our early history!
The vast majority of Americans do not hold grudges, nor seek revenge for the past.  We are Proud  Americans and do not hold animosity toward our Fellow-Americans, nor toward ANYONE in our Nation – legally or illegally – based on NATIONALITY or SKIN COLOR!!!]

“It is so sad that so many Americans whose skin color is black just won’t hear the truth; the outcry against Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House has


“It has to do with more than a century of Collectivist/Progressives, most recently Saul Alinskyites, e.g. BOTH Obamas, Hillary Clinton, and their Fellow-Travellers, deliberately fundamentally transforming America away from God-given Liberty.  [See WHO IS Obama Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4; Left Center Right, and Obama And the Destruction of America, “Green” Quest for Poverty, and other posts and articles on this site.]

“Unlimited government only shackles and enslaves: their goal is NOT what they would have you believe, the plight of Americans whose skin color is black is an acceptable means to THEIR End Goal – an enslaved and shackled ‘Collectivist Amerika.’

“One of their methods has been to use Americans whose skin is black to try to divide and conquer America!  They also try to use We, American Indians, and are using Mexican Americans and illegals to divide to conquer!

“When Americans blame only White People for human slavery, History is being rewritten!  Africans and American Indians were just as guilty as White Americans and Europeans of perpetuating human slavery in America.  [Truth is what we must acknowledge and embrace to forgive and move-on into the 21st Century!]

“Christian America and Great Britain LED THE WAY OUT OF SLAVERY when the REST OF THE WORLD wanted to perpetuate it – human slavery existed from Antiquity through-out all the previous millenia of History.

“Many ‘Third World’ countries still allow slavery, including of Whites!  Especially certain islamic countries.

“Those who are trying to sound the ALARM that America’s Freedom to exercise our God-given Liberty is in Clear and Present Danger; EMBRACE ALL who believe-in America working-through our human imperfection guided by God’s Grace, and Limited Government, guaranteeing every American the Freedom to pursue God-given Liberty.

“It is those who have distorted and perverted the true foundation of our Nation, increasing the power of Government to destroy the Constitution and Liberty, who have created the wrongs they then blame the same Constitution and Liberty for causing, including the past perpetuation of slavery in spite of the freedom many Americans called and worked for in Colonial times and afterward.

“Look at CRONY CAPITALISM with the citizenry-enslaving government regulations that create and promote it, and its unjust consequences, including destruction of small business, and the ever-growing gang takeover of our communities.

No, —— , it is not the color of anyone’s skin
that calls us to resist the

by the man occupying the White House.

Americans of differing skin colors are used,
and indoctrinated to hate to

“Would that We Americans of EVERY SKIN COLOR would let God open our hearts, minds, and souls to HEAR THE TRUTH and REJECT the Collectivist/Progressives who use skin color to divide us!

“Please, —— , if you don’t believe your Fellow-Americans of differing skin colors, listen to the Black Patriotic Americans who are standing for the Constitution, Constitutional Conservatism, and American Liberty, Under God!!!


Dr. Benjamin Carson, Col. Allen West, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Star Parker and MANY OTHERS.

Please, question the true motives of those who are
actually responsible
for the dire state of our Nation


“May God Bless You and Your Family.

“Please, consider watching this video by an American Veteran,
and others available on the internet:

“What Being A Black Conservative Means to Me and How it Affects My Life and Decisions”

“I face a battle every day from liberals, mainstream media, stereotypes and mostly black liberals. I didn’t pick a fight with black liberals, they do not like…”

[I could not embed any of these videos.]

A few more videos.  Each one gives the opportunity to select more at the end:

“Blacks Would Not Be Democrats If They Only Knew This…”  Interview and clips on the movie, “Runaway Slave.”

“[SHORT VERSION] Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created…”

“[LONG VERSION] Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created…”

“‘Blacklash’ Author: Conservative Blacks Rising Up Against Obama Policies,” Deneen Borelli

For an excellent article on Economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell and “The Virtue of Thinking:”


Who Are We Really, America?

We are One Nation, under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for

In God We Trust.

Unless we return to being a Nation whose God is the Lord, the fundamental transformation of America into enslaving tyranny will be completed.

We must seek God and His Mercy, healing the division and hatred, or Free America will be thrown into the Trash Heap of History, and the New Darker Dark Ages will descend upon Current and Future American Generations.

Now, we are in The Gathering Darkness, as the forces of the Rebellion wage war against God and the Liberty and Rights He has blessed us with as the Greatest Nation ever formed upon the earth.

Greatest because of our own prowess and strength?
No, Greatest because,


The best America can do,

is to return as a Nation as Individuals United – not cowering, fearful ants in an enslaved and shackled mythical “Collective” – to the Creator of the Universe, and surrender our Nation to the Perfect Will and Purpose of Almighty God in His All-Encompassing Love!

May we truly know,
it is

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/HitLikeIfAgreed?ref=hlt

Itasca Small


“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14

One Mans Humanity

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”               Exodus 17:15

[I received the following inspiring World War II story too late for America’s observance of Armed Forces Day on May 18, 2013.]

The lives of American Soldiers flying a United States Army Air Forces B-17 Bomber over Germany were in grave danger as the German Luftwaffe pilot in his Messerschmitt Fighter closed on the crippled Flying Fortress.  This is the true account of a courageous act that well-demonstrated one man’s humanity to his fellow-man.  And, of the aftermath of his decision.

I am grateful to “Special Operations for America” for permission to republish the story. Itasca

According to the website, “Special Operations for America is a Political Action Committee with a mission to recruit, support and elect real American leaders that defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.”  Montana State Senator Ryan Zinke is Former Commander at SEAL Team Six and Chairman of Special Operations for America.  Here is a link to the website: http://www.soforamerica.org/2013/05/18/in-honor-of-armed-forces-day/

The story:

In honor of Armed Forces Day…

May 18, 2013

“You’re In God’s Hands Now…”

The 21-year old American B-17 pilot glanced outside his cockpit and froze. He blinked hard and looked again, hoping it was just a mirage. But his co-pilot stared at the same horrible vision. “My God, this is a nightmare,” the co-pilot said.

“He’s going to destroy us,” the pilot agreed.

The men were looking at a gray German Messerschmitt fighter hovering just three feet off their wingtip. It was five days before Christmas 1943, and the fighter had closed in on their crippled American B-17 bomber for the kill.


Brown’s Crippled B-17 Stalked by Stigler’s ME-109


The B-17 pilot, Charles Brown, was a 21-year-old West Virginia farm boy on his first combat mission. His bomber had been shot to pieces by swarming fighters, and his plane was alone, struggling to stay in the skies above Germany . Half his crew was wounded, and the tail gunner was dead, his blood frozen in icicles over the machine guns.


But when Brown and his co-pilot, Spencer “Pinky” Luke, looked at the fighter pilot again, something odd happened. The German didn’t pull the trigger. He stared back at the bomber in amazement and respect. Instead of pressing the attack, he nodded at Brown and saluted. What happened next was one of the most remarkable acts of chivalry recorded during World War II.



USAAF Lt. Charles Brown



Charles Brown was on his first combat mission during World War II when he met an enemy unlike any other.


Revenge, not honor, is what drove 2nd Lt. Franz Stigler to jump into his fighter that chilly December day in 1943. Stigler wasn’t just any fighter pilot. He was an ace. One more kill and he would win The Knight’s Cross, German’s highest award for valor.


Yet Stigler was driven by something deeper than glory. His older brother, August, was a fellow Luftwaffe pilot who had been killed earlier in the war. American pilots had killed Stigler’s comrades and were bombing his country’s cities.Stigler was standing near his fighter on a German airbase when he heard a bomber’s engine. Looking up, he saw a B-17 flying so low it looked like it was going to land. As the bomber disappeared behind some trees, Stigler tossed his cigarette aside, saluted a ground crewman and took off in pursuit.


As Stigler’s fighter rose to meet the bomber, he decided to attack it from behind. He climbed behind the sputtering bomber, squinted into his gun sight and placed his hand on the trigger. He was about to fire when he hesitated. Stigler was baffled. No one in the bomber fired at him.


He looked closer at the tail gunner. He was still, his white fleece collar soaked with blood. Stigler craned his neck to examine the rest of the bomber. Its skin had been peeled away by shells, its guns knocked out. One propeller wasn’t turning. Smoke trailed from another engine. He could see men huddled inside the shattered plane tending the wounds of other crewmen.


Then he nudged his plane alongside the bomber’s wings and locked eyes with the pilot whose eyes were wide with shock and horror.



Luftwaffe Major Franz Stigler

Stigler pressed his hand over the rosary he kept in his flight jacket. He eased his index finger off the trigger. He couldn’t shoot.

It would be murder.

Stigler wasn’t just motivated by vengeance that day. He also lived by a code. He could trace his family’s ancestry to knights in 16th century Europe . He had once studied to be a priest. A German pilot who spared the enemy, though, risked death in Nazi Germany. If someone reported him, he would be executed.

Yet Stigler could also hear the voice of his commanding officer, who once told him: “You follow the rules of war for you — not your enemy. You fight by rules to keep your humanity.”

Alone with the crippled bomber, Stigler changed his mission. He nodded at the American pilot and began flying in formation so German anti-aircraft gunners on the ground wouldn’t shoot down the slow-moving bomber. (The Luftwaffe had B-17s of its own, shot down and rebuilt for secret missions and training.) Stigler escorted the bomber over the North Sea and took one last look at the American pilot. Then he saluted him, peeled his fighter away and returned to Germany .

“Good luck,” Stigler said to himself. “You’re in God’s hands now…” Franz Stigler didn’t think the big B-17 could make it back to England and wondered for years what happened to the American pilot and crew he encountered in combat.


Charles Brown, with his wife, Jackie (left), with Franz Stigler, with his wife, Hiya.

As he watched the German fighter peel away that December day, 2nd Lt. Charles Brown wasn’t thinking of the philosophical connection between enemies. He was thinking of survival.

He flew his crippled plane, filled with wounded, back to his base in England and landed with one of four engines knocked out, one failing and barely any fuel left. After his bomber came to a stop, he leaned back in his chair and put a hand over a pocket Bible he kept in his flight jacket. Then he sat in silence.

Brown flew more missions before the war ended. Life moved on. He got married, had two daughters, supervised foreign aid for the U.S. State Department during the Vietnam War and eventually retired to Florida .

Late in life, though, the encounter with the German pilot began to gnaw at him. He started having nightmares, but in his dream there would be no act of mercy. He would awaken just before his bomber crashed.

Brown took on a new mission. He had to find that German pilot. Who was he? Why did he save my life? He scoured military archives in the U.S. and England . He attended a pilots’ reunion and shared his story. He finally placed an ad in a German newsletter for former Luftwaffe pilots, retelling the story and asking if anyone knew the pilot.

On January 18, 1990, Brown received a letter. He opened it and read: “Dear Charles, All these years I wondered what happened to that B-17, did she make it home? Did her crew survive their wounds? To hear of your survival has filled me with indescribable joy…”

It was Stigler.

He had had left Germany after the war and moved to Vancouver , British Columbia , in 1953. He became a prosperous businessman. Now retired, Stigler told Brown that he would be in Florida come summer and “it sure would be nice to talk about our encounter.” Brown was so excited, though, that he couldn’t wait to see Stigler. He called directory assistance for Vancouver and asked whether there was a number for a Franz Stigler. He dialed the number, and Stigler picked up.

“My God, it’s you!” Brown shouted as tears ran down his cheeks.

Brown had to do more. He wrote a letter to Stigler in which he said: “To say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU on behalf of my surviving crewmembers and their families appears totally inadequate.”

The two pilots would meet again, but this time in person, in the lobby of a Florida hotel. One of Brown’s friends was there to record the summer reunion. Both men looked like retired businessmen: they were plump, sporting neat ties and formal shirts. They fell into each other’ arms and wept and laughed. They talked about their encounter in a light, jovial tone.

The mood then changed. Someone asked Stigler what he thought about Brown. Stigler sighed and his square jaw tightened. He began to fight back tears before he said in heavily accented English: “I love you, Charlie.”

Stigler had lost his brother, his friends and his country. He was virtually exiled by his countrymen after the war. There were 28,000 pilots who fought for the German air force. Only 1,200 survived.

The war cost him everything. Charlie Brown was the only good thing that came out of World War II for Franz. It was the one thing he could be proud of. The meeting helped Brown as well, says his oldest daughter, Dawn Warner.



They met as enemies but Franz Stigler, on left, and Charles Brown, ended up as fishing buddies.

Brown and Stigler became pals. They would take fishing trips together. They would fly cross-country to each other homes and take road trips together to share their story at schools and veterans’ reunions. Their wives, Jackie Brown and Hiya Stigler, became friends.

Brown’s daughter says her father would worry about Stigler’s health and constantly check in on him.

“It wasn’t just for show,” she says. “They really did feel for each other. They talked about once a week.” As his friendship with Stigler deepened, something else happened to her father, Warner says “The nightmares went away.”

Brown had written a letter of thanks to Stigler, but one day, he showed the extent of his gratitude. He organized a reunion of his surviving crew members, along with their extended families. He invited Stigler as a guest of honor.

During the reunion, a video was played showing all the faces of the people that now lived — children, grandchildren, relatives — because of Stigler’s act of chivalry. Stigler watched the film from his seat of honor.

“Everybody was crying, not just him,” Warner says.

Stigler and Brown died within months of each other in 2008. Stigler was 92, and Brown was 87. They had started off as enemies, became friends, and then something more.

After he died, Warner was searching through Brown’s library when she came across a book on German fighter jets. Stigler had given the book to Brown. Both were country boys who loved to read about planes.

Warner opened the book and saw an inscription Stigler had written to Brown:

In 1940, I lost my only brother as a night fighter. On the 20th of December, 4 days before Christmas, I had the chance to save a B-17 from her destruction, a plane so badly damaged it was a wonder that she was still flying.

The pilot, Charlie Brown, is for me, as precious as my brother was. Thanks Charlie.


Your Brother,



“You’re In God’s Hands Now…”

Soli Deo gloria

[Glory to God alone]