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To God The Glory

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”
Exodus 17:15

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The following is from an e-mail message I received a few minutes ago from the Tea Party PATRIOTS organization; American Patriots standing for Our Liberty, under God. 

The video is a moving, inspiring testament to the true American Spirit awakening across our Great Nation, under God, as we face the Assault on Everything that IS America by the now-proven beyond doubt, TYRANTS in Washington, D.C., who are actively and blatantly transforming Her into a tyrannical police state.  Please consider sharing it with others in whatever way you can.

Why We Fight

Here is a story of courage that you may have missed.

In the face of doomsday threats from our government and their media foot-soldiers, one man stood up for America in Washington DC.

His name is Joel Kurtinitis.

He stood up and spoke out.  “I am scared out of my mind,” began the home builder.  But he summoned the courage to stand up and speak up for America because, as he said, government is “so huge and bloated and overbearing that I can’t live my life without that dysfunction spilling over into my life, and my business, and my home.”

Joel courageously led everyday Americans to make DC listen and to send DC a message that we will not be locked out of places that are ours.

This is why we fight.  We fight for, and we fight alongside, Americans like Joel Kurtinitis.

Even as DC Police and Park Service Rangers threatened arrest, Joel stood his ground. He stared tyranny in the eye and did not flinch, he did not blink, and he did not back down.  He knows he is not one of the privileged classes in DC (he is not a well connected lobbyist, an elected official, or a member of the bureaucracy with people to call to pull strings) and he realizes he is likely going to be arrested for standing up to the abusive power.

[The following links will take you to the Tea Party PATRIOTS’ website article and the video, “Home Builder from Iowa Retakes National Monuments,” at:  Itasca]

It is shameful there are not more Senators willing to do the same for our freedom. I am thankful to those in Congress who have stood up for our freedom. It is even more shameful that President Obama is arrogantly abusing his authority to silence our First Amendment Rights and to use brute force and turn monuments that are testaments to freedom and liberty into a police state attempting to show that the government is more powerful than the people.  Patriots realize that the real power comes from being free and standing up for our freedom.

We fight for freedom because freedom is worth the fight. If you feel you are alone in this battle, remember this man and know you are not alone. There are millions of you around the country and together we will restore our Constitution!

We too must stand up to send a message that we will not be locked out of places that are ours whether it is Memorials on the National Mall paid for with our hard earned tax dollars, or it is our health insurance we have purchased and maintained for years, our jobs that until recently could be 40 hours a week without penalty to us or our employer, and our access to quality health care because our doctors could practice medicine. We will not let DC take these things from us. They are ours. We are born free in America and we intend to stay that way.

In the last 48 hours we have seen the negotiations on the continuing resolution, the ACA/Obamacare, and the debt ceiling deteriorate to the Ruling Class negotiating with the Ruling Class and the American People currently do not have a voice at the table. We are getting no meaningful relief from this unworkable, unaffordable health “care” law.  The House and the Senate need to go back to the negotiations to find a way to provide real, meaningful relief to the hard working Americans who are losing their jobs, their hours and wages, their health insurance, and their quality health care because of Obamacare.

Worse than the offers we have seen from Congress in the last 2 days is the behavior of President Obama.  As the House offered the President 100% of what he asked for with 1 small string attached, the President refused to budge. The House was willing to give the President a clean Continuing Resolution, a clean debt ceiling increase with the string of making themselves and the Executive Branch live under the President’s namesake, signature legislation. The President refused that offer and showed his true colors: he is unwilling to live by the same laws he seeks to impose on the people, like a petulant child he is unwilling to negotiate at all, and he has the “audacity” to think he can single-handedly write laws from the Oval Office. That is not how our system of government works. All laws are to be applied equally to all people and the President does not have the authority to legislate by press conference and press statements. Congress is elected to represent the will of the people and has a duty, responsibility, and obligation to provide a check to unbalanced power.

That brings us to today’s call to action.  It is time once more to make phone calls, tweet, post on Facebook, and make your voices heard. You see your voices are what those with power in our country fear the absolute most. DC Police, Park Services, Congressmen, Senators, and most especially the President of the United States do not want to be reminded that in our great country the ultimate power resides with the people. We must make our voices heard once more. There is no done deal yet in Congress.  It is still a possibility the House of Representatives will listen and provide relief to us from this law.

So, call these people now:

  1. First and right now, call your Congressman and then after that call both your Senators.  Tell DC they need to do their duty and protect the American people from Obamcare and that this is their last chance.  Tell each one that they represent you and that you demand meaningful relief from the health care law, which is harming you and people like you across the country because you are bearing the burdens of lost jobs, lost insurance plans, lost access to quality health care. You cannot afford this law and it is morally wrong for them to impose a law on you that the President himself is unwilling to live under and which you simply cannot afford. Thank the very few who have stood for our freedom time after time, vote after vote without compromising their principles and hold the rest accountable. House Directory, Senate Directory
  2. Call Sen. Mitch McConnell (202-224-2541) and tell him you know he has not had the House of Representative’s back. You realize that some of the bills the House has passed are not to your personal liking and you know the House has been making good faith, bipartisan efforts to open the parts of government where we find agreement. You expect him to do the same and not sacrifice our freedom and health care for his personal position of power.
  3. Tweet about Park Services to your US Senators and Congressman using #LandOfTheFree and #OpenOurMonuments. Park Services exists to protect our parks not to treat us like subjects under a police state.  You are calling for a full investigation into their behavior and will demand those responsible for the police state actions are held accountable. Specifically call on @MarkUdall who is Chairman of National Park Services Committee to let our vets visit and to reopen the 911 Memorial in PA.
    Recommended messages and sample tweets for Twitter:
    .@MarkUdall As Chairman of Nat’l Parks Cmte, you must let our vets visit the monuments! #LandofFree
    .@MarkUdall Nat’lParksComte Chairman, must open Shanksville Flight93 9/11 memorial immediately. #AmericanSacrifice

Call now. Our freedom is worth fighting for. Our freedom is worth standing up for. Remember our Support Team Member Keli Carender’s favorite quote by Sir Winston Churchill:
“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Stand up now like Joel Kurtinitis did this weekend.  All odds are not against us – yet and it is not too costly – yet.

Thank you, Patriots!

In Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

~ ~ ~

“To God The Glory!”

“Proud to be American!”

Itasca Small