What Is Liberty

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”                Exodus 17:15

It seems that every day We the People see new Fronts attacking our Constitutionally-guaranteed Freedom to live in and to exercise the God-given Liberty secured for us by the Founders of our Great Nation.


Executive Orders imposing the will of an Imperial President, in flagrant violation of the Constitution and its designation of separated powers and authority!  With NO meaningful action to counter the usurpation and abuse of power!

Recess” Appointments: unconstitutional, presidential usurpations made when Congress is NOT in recess!  The Judicial Branch has declard them illegal, but nothing is done to vacate the fraud or punish the usurper!  Forty-plus Executive Branch Czars appointed unconstitutionally to impose tyranny through bureaucracy without congressional vetting.

Regulatory Agencies within the Executive Branch devise rules and regulations to control and destroy We the Sovereign People in our many avenues of daily life, via economic and personal venues. Businesses and Individuals, alike, are deliberately strangled so that millions are barely able to stay in-the-black and survive.  Increasing numbers are failing to keep our heads above-water.  All are being bombarded with a multitude of attacks upon our economic livelihood and right to control and use our property, and our freedom to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  [LIFE depends on property, therefore PROPERTY is the foundation of ALL RIGHTS!]

Cap and Trade.”   Confiscatory, baseless regulations designed to destroy important blocks of the American Economy, so that, “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket.”!!! (Presidential Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama.)

Deliberate suppression of the pursuit of potential and meaningful energy production.

Seizure and “taking of real and monetary private property to meet criminal, collectivist – “progressive” – redistributive goals.  [Collectivism is the philosophy behind socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, etc.]

Deliberate destruction of American lives and property upon the altar of parasitic greed feeding upon the unscientific extremes of radical environmentalism.  Enabled by “progressive” power mongers via the many tentacles of the United Nations’ Agenda 21; aka: Sustainable Development and Comprehensive Land Planning[Watch this site for the true facts behind parasitic Industrial Wind Energy – it’s NOT GREEN!!!]

American “Zoning Ordinances were never created to “plan” our communities.  Zoning is only sanctioned under the Constitution as legitimate exercise of “the police power.” The SOLE PURPOSE OF WHICH IS PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS from governmental excess and ANY land use HARMFUL beyond the boundaries of the subject property.

Onerous Tax Laws and abusive “revenue”-grabbing tactics of a tyrannical bureaucracy and complicit Judiciary under the enabling Congress; invoking fear by intimidation while confiscating the substance of We the Sovereign People to achieve collectivist redistributive goals.  An enforcement arm of the Executive Branch that is now poised to impose the nightmare called Obamacare”!  All via the notorious, 16th Amendment to the Constitution, courtesy of “Disciple of Revolution” President Woodrow Wilson.

The Economic Debacle.  Unbelievable, willful, ongoing destruction of the greatest, most successful economy in the History of Man.  With no end in sight!  And, spineless –  wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing? – elected representatives of We the Sovereign People, who claim to oppose the collectivist agenda, refuse to exercise their justly delegated powers to stop the debacle!

A Public Education System designed to indoctrinate our most precious treasure, our youth, into the collectivist world view, thereby destroying their ability to think as free individuals in a free society.

Training them to believe that there are no absolutes, and that, “If it’s right for me, it’s right.”

Destroying their sense of right and wrong/good and evil, along with any working understanding of the reality of personal responsibility.

Rendering them unable to think critically, reason logically, or work creatively or effectively without supervision.

Labeling them “learning disabled” when they are unable to learn to read “to standards” by the long-discredited “Sight Method,” or, to execute mathematics by the latest iteration of “New Math!”

No wonder they can’t compete with foreign students, need remedial junior college classes, drop-out in droves, can’t make change, and can’t write an essay!  But, they will know how to use a condom…and how to get an abortion…

The Second Amendment is under vicious assault by those who now use innocent children as pawns to attempt to destroy the right of We the People to keep and bear arms for SELF-DEFENSE against a tyrannical government and other criminals and enemies.

The Ninth & Tenth Amendments  are being trampled with derision.   As are the other Pillars of The Bill of Rights!

Plain, Simple Eligibility Requirements for the Office of the Presidency, are twisted or ignored by both political parties.  America has always known the definition of “natural born Citizen.”  Yet, the parties now refuse to follow the Constitutional requirement because the illegally sitting president and certain other potential candidates, do NOT qualify!  The simplicity is: “No Person except a natural born Citizen,…shall be eligible to the Office of President;…”  Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.

The New Lie: if a majority elects him, it doesn’t matter what the Constitution says.  This is the reason the collectivist progressives insist upon labeling the founding document, “A Living Constitution.”  So they can change whatever they please to suit their “evolving” agenda.

A “natural born Citizen is a Person who’s Mother and Father are BOTH Citizens at the time of his(her) birth!

The only deviation from this definition occurs when people desire an unqualified Person’s election.  The Democrat Party currently desires  non-natural-born-Citizen Barack Hussein Obama to hold the Office.  All who should protest continue to pretend that “The Emperor’s New Clothes” are delightsome.

All legal challenges have so far been fought, stymied or suppressed by the Judiciary.  Those who should be pursuing the truth are afraid to mount a challenge – with a few exceptions, including Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Republicans anticipate the nomination of either Senator Marco Rubio or Governor Bobby Jindal, in 2016.  Neither of whom are natural born Citizens.  If either seeks the nomination, he will be declaring his enmity to the Constitution no matter what else he may claim.

The FLOW of FOREIGN NATIONALS across our unsecured Borders in violation of our Immigration Laws continues to undermine and threaten our unity as a Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for All – All who are here legally.  Immigration Laws are necessary to the continuance of any Nation, and their failure leads to the death of a  Nation’s Soul.  Unstemmed influx of foreign nationals overwhelms the infrastructure, economy, and culture of a Nation.

The list of myriad abuses could go on, as an indictment of those whom we have chosen and/or allowed to govern We the Sovereign People to the point of tyranny well-beyond the limits of the Constitution of the United States of America!

And the valiant few who speak-out from positions of authority can find NO United Voice within their ranks, and NO potent, vocal support among We the Sovereign People for any meaningful brakes to be applied.  Impeachment is the Constitutionally-mandated First Step to ending the madness – the evil.  But, already defeated, the Members of Congress lack the will, the fortitude, or the desire to correct the evil actions being perpetrated with impunity and flagrant disregard for the Sovereignty and the LIBERTY of We the People of the United States of America.

Thus, the Beast of Government has been unleashed to run rampant over the Rights of the People, in blatant disregard for Our God-given LIBERTY, and Our FREEDOM to exercise it: the true foundation, under God, of this greatest Nation on God’s Created Earth.



AMERICA HAS LOST THE KEY!  The power is in The Several STATES: Bastions of Freedom wherein resides OUR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY!

America has forgotten: WHAT IS LIBERTY?

“Liberty is Individual Freedom from the oppression of injustice through organization by law of any aspect of human endeavor other than Defense of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PROPERTY.”  FREE AMERICA!!! July, 1992, Vol. I, #4, p. 4.  (some emphases added.)

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