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WIND Mans Inhumanity

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”     Exodus 17:15


There are several very important topics in the News of the past couple of weeks.  I am working on Posts regarding some of them.

However, after a long period of time during which I did not see many opportunities to contribute to the effort to defeat the Global Scourge that is Industrial Wind Energy, I have received a number of Calls-to-Action in the past few weeks.

This has made it more difficult to complete my research and writing on other topics here.  I have been able to make several changes to the Site, and I hope you are discovering them, and finding them worthwhile.

Tonight, several articles on the Wind Turbine Syndrome Site have captured my attention to the extent that I want to share them here.  I have left comments on some of them.  Rather than cut excerpts and break-up the whole effect, I have copied and pasted from the WTS Site to present them here for the full impact of just a part of what our American Governments and those of other nations are perpetrating by forcing Industrial Wind Energy upon us – against all logical truth of its insidious and pernicious destruction of Life, Economies, and the Environment. 
Many thanks to the owner of the site, Calvin Luther Martin, PhD]

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[Note: Although some of us had realized that Industrial Wind Turbines smaller than 1 – 1.5MW (Megawatts) created the same effects as the large ones, this is the first reference I have seen to one as small as 100kW (kilowatts) causing devastation reported by a medical doctor or other professional!]

Doctor describes classic Wind Turbine Syndrome in patient (Vermont)

May 14, 2013

April 24, 2013
Sandy Reider MD

This is a link to an mp3 Audio.  Click the black triangle:

[Please notice the reference to autistic children, and the latest statistic of autism diagnosis in 1 in 50 births in the U.S.!  Everyone with Autism Spectrum Disorder is especially tortured by Industrial Wind Turbines!  Itasca]


Click here for transcript of doctor’s testimony.


  1. Comment by Robert Rand on 05/14/2013 at 7:12 pm

    This is remarkable. The doctor is describing health issues for a Northwind 100, a 100kw, 3-phase, grid-connect wind turbine.

    This is a very small turbine compared to the large industrial grid-connect wind turbines installed in Mars Hill ME, Freedom ME, Vinalhaven ME, Falmouth MA, Fairhaven MA, Kingston MA, Cohocton NY, Herkimer County NY, Shirley WI, Mason County MI, and many, many other locations, where the larger, slower turning industrial turbines with blade pass rates below 1 Hz may be a factor with nauseogenicity.

    At some locations, the NPS 100 appears not to create problems (…does the absence of evidence equal the evidence of absence? no). However, the NPS 100 is known to be associated with strong complaints and appeals to stop the noise on Nantucket Island and in Hyannis MA. The Nantucket wind turbine is associated with strong complaints from the nearest property lines to homes out to 900 feet away, complaints of sleep interference, activity interference, and headache; and has been documented as exceeding Town and State noise limits.

    I understand the Hyannis NPS100 wind turbine is associated with the tragic suicide of a neighbor vulnerable with a pre-existing health condition, and the home vacated by the remaining family.

    Editor’s note: The author, Robert Rand, is a professional noise engineer (acoustician).

  2. Comment by Jackie on 05/14/2013 at 10:22 pm

    Thank you Sandy Reider MD, once again an educated practitioner has testified that the symptoms are not “all in our minds”!
    How many politicians (educated or uneducated) will listen?
    The wind tide is slowly turning & the snake “wind” oil salesman will have nothing to hang on to… that is the day I hope I can reply… oh – it must just be a figment of your imagination (poof – off with you)!
    I used to count the years, then the months – I do believe we have entered the Weeks phase.
    Thank you to all who have tirelessly fought this battle, the march continues, but not for much longer, I hope!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Horses get Wind Turbine Syndrome (Portugal)

May 13, 2013

Editor’s note:  Horses, as well as humans, suffer from being in close proximity to wind turbines, strongly suggests a study performed last year at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Technical University, Lisbon, Portugal.  The study was written up as a Master’s thesis, titled “Acquired flexural deformity of the distal interphalangic joint in foals.”

On this stud farm, the owner has been breeding normal and physically sound horses since 2000. There were no changes in diet, exercise or any other significant alteration in management. Until in 2008, wind turbines were installed adjacent to the property and grazing paddocks.
  Since this date, a good number of foals and yearlings have developed deformities.

The subjects of the study were:
  11 Lusitano horses. Age between 0 and 48 months old.
  6 males and 5 females
.  9 were born at the stud farm, 2 were acquired from a different breeder.


The M.A. thesis was presaged in a conference paper by Professor Mariana Alves-Pereira et al. several years ago, and summarized as follows.

In 2007, at the 2nd International Conference on Wind Turbine (WT) Noise, held in Lyon, France, low frequency noise (<500 Hz, LFN)-induced pathology, consistent with vibroacoustic disease (VAD), was shown to be emerging in the R. Family, exposed to residential LFN generated by 4 WT installed in close proximity (300-700 m) to their home. Herein, a follow-up is provided.

The wife and 2 children no longer reside within that home. Mr. R., however, must remain to care for the thoroughbred Lusitanian horses and bulls that he trains and breeds for bullfights.

In addition to the continued deterioration of Mr. R’s health and well-being, his financial situation is aggravated by the condition now appearing in his horses during the first year of life. Between 2000 and 2006, 13 healthy thoroughbred Lusitanian horses were born and raised on Mr. R’s property. All horses (N=4) born or raised after 2007 developed asymmetric flexural limb deformities. WT began operations in November 2006. No other changes (constructions, industries, etc) were introduced into the area during this time.

Tissue analyses of the defected tendons were performed and revealed the classical features of LFN-induced biological responses: thickening of blood vessel walls due to proliferation of collagen in the absence of an inflammatory process.

In a personal communication, Alves-Pereira underscores, “The observation in these horses of abnormal growth of collagen in the absence of an inflammatory process is in conformity with the same observations found in low frequency noise (LFN)-exposed rats, and in vibroacoustic disease patients who are employed in LFN-rich environments.”

The following text is taken from here, with appreciation.  [Note: this link takes longer than normal to connect, but it does work, as of 6/22/13.  Itasca]



Since 2008, a high prevalence of front limb acquired flexural deformities was observed in a Lusitano stud farm. This work aims to evaluate this problem by reporting the results from tissue alterations in the affected animals as well as environmental conditions and management changes, which could have led to this observation. A total of eleven affected animals were studied. In these, a complete physical and orthopaedic examination were performed specifically the determination of the angle between the dorsal hoof wall and the floor. Radiographic examination, CT imaging, determination of the thickness of the cortical bone of the third metacarpian and histopathology of some tissues collected in biopsy and necropsy were done in a subset of affected foals.

All the animals had been supplemented with balanced commercial diet for equine. To investigate a possible genetic cause, two foals from distinct bloodlines were brought to the stud. These also developed the deformities after 6 months. Two of the affected foals were placed in a
pasture away from the initial one and two others were admitted at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Lisbon. In those animals, except for one that had to be euthanized for humane reasons, an improvement was observed on their condition, with partial recovery of the deformity.
Histopathology was performed from (i) the tendon obtained by surgical desmotomy in one foal, (ii) tendon biopsies were performed in three foals and (iii) from the tissue of one foal during necropsy. Histologically the most significant alterations were the dissociation of myofibrils of the smooth muscle. This was predominantly seen in the small intestine but also in the walls of small capillary vessels, including those of the tendon vasculature. The flexural deformities have a complex and multifactorial etiopathogeny. They occur due to uncoupling of the longitudinal development of the bone and its adjacent soft tissues, but also from shortening of the tendon-muscle unit in response to pain.
In the case series presented here, there was no obvious cause for the development of this problem, therefore we hypothesised that unusual environmental conditions might have played an important role in the development of this condition, especially those introduced in recent years.


The following is the summary of a case study of a group of Lusitano horses that have been monitoried over 4 years which were the subject of a masters thesis at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Technical University, Lisbon, completed in 2012.

The study was performed by Teresa Margarida Pereira Costa e Curto,  ADVISOR: Dr. Maria da Conceição da Cunha and Vasconcelos Peleteiro CO-ADVISOR: Dr. Maria Luisa Jorge Mendes.

The study reports the findings from a stud where 11 foals developed flexural deformities of the front limbs, after they were born. (Acquired flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint.)


The above image shows the same foal at 3 and 6 months of age


A foal was bought from another breeder to exclude a possible genetic link to this problem. He came to the farm at 15 days old and like the others, developed a flexural deformity.


Radiological examination of front limbs

The following tests were used for the study:  
• Anamnesis
• Clinical examination
• Goniometry
• Ultrasound and x-ray
• Measurement of cortical bone
• CT
• Desmotomy of the check ligament
• Histopathology
• Sound measurements
• Measurements of ground vibration


Proximity of horses to wind turbines


Aerial view of farm proximity to wind turbines


Measurements of ground vibration were made at different distances from the wind turbines, with the same equipment that is used to detect seismic vibrations (earthquakes). The results of these measurements, showed ground vibration at different frequencies.
Research has shown that vibration effects bone metabolism.


The above research project was based solely on this case study. Therefore, further research is necessary in order to validate these preliminary findings and hypothesis. Regarding the sound that the wind turbines produce, measurements were taken and studies have demonstrated some cellular damage is caused by low frequency noise.

The full thesis can be downloaded here in Portuguese.


  1. Comment by Frank Haggerty on 05/13/2013 at 8:25 pm

    Jon Boone of Maryland produced a documentary “Life Under a Windplant”. In the classic documentary it shows how the wild animals had left the area around the wind turbines in Meyersdale, Pa.

    This documentary should be mandatory in the public school systems in the United States.

  2. Comment by Yuki Tsuruta Oike on 05/13/2013 at 8:36 pm

    I would like to thank [the] Portuguese researchers.

    I wrote the following report in 2010. I need more information!

  3. Comment by Jackie on 05/13/2013 at 9:40 pm

    This breaks my heart! Subjecting turbines to humans is bad enough, at least we are capable of fighting.

  4. Comment by Kaz on 05/13/2013 at 11:03 pm

    Oh, my God.

    I’m feeling physically ill.

    How many studies will be done, how many people, animals and environments will suffer before the world wakes up, gets mad and does something about this?

    Human victims are still called liars…or worse, emotionally unstable…victims of a ‘nocebo’ effect…if they complain of illness due to ILFN. And the world accepts the industry’s diagnoses and ALLOWS the suffering to continue.

    Bird and bat fatalities are written off, true numbers hidden, the proven deaths marginalized as acceptable ‘take’…for the oft-touted ‘greater good’ that wind turbines are supposed to provide–but which they can’t and don’t. But citizens have bought the stories, accepted the industry lies…and are ALLOWING needless, countless deaths.

    Farm animals miscarry, lose their appetites, suffer stress…but SURELY that must be because of some OTHER factor. It doesn’t matter that they were happy and productive (and reproductive) prior to living within the sound-shed of turbine installantions. Surely, the farmer has introduced some toxin, changed some feed, neglected some precautionary measures…and the new anomalies are HIS fault! And guess what? People buy into those theories because it’s not happening to them, or to their animals…and because it’s easier than fixing this damned colossal, GLOBAL mistake…so they ALLOW animals to suffer, farmers to lose their livelihoods…

    Wildlife scatters. Yes, they may return briefly but they don’t stay. They live in and require a natural environment where they depend on the full use of their extraordinary senses…acute hearing being one of the most vital. A deer will not browse if it suspects danger. It stops, stands still, listens, sniffs the air, watches for unnatural movement. Only when its senses tell it that all is well will it drop its head to eat –and even then, for only a few moments before stopping to listen, again. The multi-level sounds and vibrations from massive turbines tear the air to shreds and effectively remove the ability to gain the relaxed state in which a deer can browse. Rather than starve, it will move on. But the wind industry will take a photo of a rabbit under a turbine, or a cow under a turbine, or a bird gliding gracefully above a turbine and say “See? You guys are wrong. You’re fanatics. You’re trying to scare people. Animals LOVE these things!” And because they speak louder (money makes a great megaphone) we ALLOW the industry to continue to wreak havoc on our native fauna.

    Look at these beautiful, amazing creatures which were the focus of this study/thesis. Is there a more majestic, noble or strong animal? They carry us, pull us, work our forests and plow our fields. They provide us with comfort and companionship and give, give, give until their hearts give out. But what have we done? What are we doing? What are we ALLOWING?

    LOOK at what we’re allowing. Where is our shame, our outrage, our ACTION?

    This makes me sick.


  5. Comment by Itasca Small on 05/14/2013 at 6:02 am

    Where is the moral outrage? Who answers the Calls-to-Action as this EVIL continues unabated? For all who answer, we need more! The humans and animals of Earth need more aware humans to rise and answer the Call!

    Where are the courageous? Whatever our number, it is not enough! We are still ridiculed and demonized by the Evil among us who keep right-on: destroying vegetation, destroying the land, destroying Earth and Life, wherever they are welcomed by governments to build their spinning head, toxic noise polluting, monstrosities of steel, concrete, Rare Earth Elements, and flashing lights.

    Small victories occur with God’s help, i.e., my very small, remote community staving-off the Goliath, RES Americas, in its intent to site Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) as close as one-half-mile from the outer walls of our residences. But, Iberdrola’s existing monsters ~10.25 miles from our neighbor nearest to them, continue to spin and cause increasing adverse health effects in the humans and animals at least as far as 12.5 miles away. Because our local county government still refuses to protect us from the pernicious scourge. Why? We have failed to overcome the indoctrination and educate our fellow-citizens in OUR OWN BACKYARD!!!

    Other victories are being won, and I praise the LORD for each of them. BUT, IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

    Right now, Dr. Sarah Laurie is facing the threat of professional censure in Australia for allegedly CAUSING WIND TURBINE SYNDROME IN HUMANS BY TELLING US WE COULD GET SICK FROM INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES SITED TOO CLOSE TO OUR HOMES.

    A cowardly, anonymous complaint charges her with conducting unauthorized research on human subjects and thereby creating a “nocebo” effect in the people who hear the results of her legitimate, scientific investigations of the harm occurring from IWTs.

    This nonsensical desperate charge claims we get sick because “anecdotal” claims are communicated to us!!! Never mind that MANY victims of wind turbine syndrome (WTS) have no knowledge of any adverse health claims when the symptoms begin and get worse – they are seriously making this ridiculous charge against Dr. Laurie!

    The nocebo effect is actually the “pseudo-scientific” foundation of their attack. Basically, they claim that if one hears that wind turbines might be harmful, he will develop the alleged symptoms through no fault of the turbines – or of the developers! In the Year 2013 AD, given all the facts and evidence readily available to anyone choosing to seek them out, there is absolutely no scientific basis for this ridiculous LIE. (I DARE CALL IT EVIL!!!)

    The wind industry is bringing “all guns” to bear on this courageous doctor who is dedicating her professional life to investigating, writing, and speaking-out; to warn her own Nation and the world, of the truth about IWTs and their destructive effects on human life.

    The most outrageously egregious fact in this “witch hunt” by wind developer groupies in collaboration with the developers, is that Australia’s “professional” National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and two other governmental groups are taking the charges seriously. The NHMRC claims it doesn’t accept public comments on charges against individuals; an effective way to ward-off unwanted testimonials in support of a doctor who is in their sights. Other methods must be used to support Dr. Laurie. But what is to be done?

    The Waubra Foundation’s board of directors is standing behind Dr. Laurie; they submitted the initial response to the complaint on her behalf, calling for proper, public investigation of the charges and of WTS. But, the influence of the wind industry and pseudo-scientific “witch doctors” (e.g., Professor of Public Health, Simon Chapman, a vigorous advocate for the nocebo effect) in Australia’s professional and media circles is strong. Dr. Laurie faces an uphill battle, and the board’s statement was the first volley in her defense.

    What can Warriors Against Wind Energy do to help? I don’t know the definitive answer, but I can suggest that the Australian Government and Media be made to feel the intensity of phone calls, e-mails, regular mail, blog exposure, etc., from WTS sufferers and knowledgeable professionals from around the globe.

    And, Warriors Against Wind Energy in Australia could redouble their efforts at this critical time, to reach the Australian citizenry, to stir the passions of righteous indignation against the lying anonymous sycophants and the wind industry developers seeking to destroy Dr. Laurie solely in order to rid themselves of a very effective force fighting against them. If she is not defended vigorously and loudly by those who know the truth, she will be figuratively sacrificed to the false, Wind Industry gods. Australian’s could facilitate the worldwide effort by providing information on whom to contact. But, what do we say?

    Beating the drums in the name of human victims is not working. We need to concentrate on the animals! The answer to claims of the nocebo effect is in the animal kingdom. The world is too slow to accept the truth about human health effects because the indoctrination claiming wind energy to be Earth’s Savior against alleged man-made global warming has been unbelievably successful.

    Ironic that Man stands accused of destroying Earth’s Climate with his technology on the one hand, while on the other he is convinced that inefficient and toxic 19th Century technologies can save it; if he will just sacrifice all of the modern human advancement dependent upon… Technology!

    This current distressing article about foal horse WTS victims graphically exposes the long-known fact that IWTs destroy animal life even more tragically than human life. THEY, LIKE HUMAN CHILDREN, CANNOT COMPREHEND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM!!! Even so, they DO perceive the cause! And, they escape when they are able!!! The Ignorant and the Evil point to the rabbits and the cows photographed resting beneath IWTs, but they fail to realize that these animals DON’T LOVE THE MONSTERS. They perceive the absence of infrasound and low frequency at the base of their torturer!

    There are diagrams that show the angle at which sound waves propagate from the spinning heads of IWTs; they are projected outward in a cone-shaped geometry away from the tower! I believe the additional ILFN that propagates through the tower into the ground and outward from there, is concentrated in the equivalent of standing waves that are amplified into much stronger ILFN within the semi-circular, mostly hollow towers. Under and next to the IWT is the safest place to be if you’re an animal and can’t escape any other way.

    The wind industry and others can successfully argue nocebo to the gullible, the ignorant and the willfully blind humans, because some human beings have reportedly evidenced a nocebo effect in certain instances unrelated to IWTs. But, to attribute WTS to such a notion is completely unfounded. So, how to prove this fact?

    The answer, again, is in the Animal Kingdom. What reasonably logical and rational human being is going to believe, let alone posit, that the foal horses in this infuriating article GAVE THEMSELVES “Acquired flexural deformity of the distal interphalangic joint…” ? No one can say these foals CRIPPLED THEMSELVES with Vibroacoustic Disease!

    Three years ago, my neighbors and I were awakened to the reality of the insidious wind energy crime against Life on Earth. One of the first articles I read online was about the Taiwanese Goat Farm at which 400 goats had died from the effects of IWTs – I know the articles say it’s yet to be proven, but, I DON’T NEED FURTHER PROOF! Common sense is life-protective.

    Having bred, raised, and shown world-class Nubian Dairy Goats in my youth, I know goats, and I’ve heard enough about goats in Illinois, alpacas in Wisconsin, and numerous other animals relative to IWTs, to know that the turbines killed those Taiwanese goats. Goats happen to be very sensitive to any sudden, loud, audible and low-frequency noise. Spontaneous abortion occurs readily in goats subjected to noise. Goats could be WTS “bellwethers,” if it were humane to use them as test subjects. Here is an article on the Taiwanese goats:; and, an excellent one addressing them and a variety of other animals:; May, 2012. More articles are available on the WTS Site and elsewhere online.

    I also read Ivan Buxton’s haunting 2006 paper, “Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound (Some possible causes and effects upon land-based animals and freshwater creatures),” early-on in my IWT Nightmare. His descriptions of the horrible effects of ILFN, were enough to convince me – and I have never looked-back – that IWTs have NO PLACE ANYWHERE ON EARTH!!! [You can find references to Buxton’s paper in the Archives, and at this site: ]

    The point being, the terrible toll on the Animal Kingdom cannot be explained-away by nocebo. Animals are not sickened or deformed because other animals – or human beings – tell them tales of deformity, sickness and death to Their Kind living near wind turbines!

    Hence, I believe we must shine a brighter light on these victims of WTS. Medical professionals know that if a treatment protocol works on animals it is potentially viable for humans, because there is no possibility of placebo effect. Likewise, rational, intelligent, logical professionals MUST be able to see that nocebo cannot occur in animals. So, if they see that animals are suffering and dying, God may remove the scales from their eyes, and they may see the truth about IWTs.

    In just the two-and-a-half years since Fellow-Warriors graciously gave me my Dell computer so I could more effectively fight this War, I have “bookmarked” 293 websites or articles on IWTs and all of their adverse effects. And, that doesn’t even begin to count all of the articles on the WTS Site, and on many others.

    It is not enough! Hundreds of articles telling the truth about Industrial Wind Turbines and Wind Energy overall, are NOT ENOUGH! We don’t have Forever to win this War: to save existing victims, and spare potential victims.

    We have to start thinking – and ACTING – “outside the box!”

    Itasca Small
    Wind Turbine Syndrome Refugee,
    Navajo County, Arizona, U.S.A.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We shall prevail (Australia)

May 14, 2013

This is an embedded video; click the triangle.

[Wind Turbine owner, Calvin Luther Martin, PhD, put together this video.  It includes a number of photos of Warriors Against Wind Energy (this is my own name for the War to Save Life on Earth from Industrial Wind Energy).  Itasca]



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  1. Comment by Itasca Small on 05/15/2013 at 4:21 am

    I stand corrected, Calvin!

    I try to remember that there is much more happening in this War Against Wind Energy than reaches my knowledge sphere. But, I did need your powerful reminder that a picture is worth a thousand words, and there are more encouraging pictures amidst the discouraging ones from the many Battle Fronts than I recalled.

    God is working in many places; the Numbers ARE more than I can conceive. I must newly seek to remember this and recognize when I am being pulled-down into the depths of desperation.

    Those “small victories” are welcomed with gratitude, and I know they represent the valiant efforts of ALL the Local Warriors Against Wind Energy across-the-globe, without whom no ground would be held nor retaken.

    One of the most encouraging truths I discerned as we began our battles in Navajo County, was that the seemingly little things started to go in our favor, although our ultimate goal was continually stymied. The LORD regularly renewed my strength and resolve as He showed me the local effects of each small victory won outside Our Own Backyard.

    As we made tiny inroads in the nefarious threats of wind development in Antelope Valley, the distant victories caused ripple effects that helped to enlarge our tiny ones. With every one, we were able to forestall the threatened inevitable, until all the factors merged to give Our Backyard the Big Victory for the present and, at least the near future.

    Our own Ambient Noise Study, and proof of at least one Golden Eagle Nest one mile from the project boundary, helped to stymy RES’ plans! Every delay is a true victory buying Time to deploy such weaponry, as God works the Big Picture.

    We didn’t succeed in eliminating the immediate threat to our Fellow-Warriors across the county, but in that much larger community, there were too many people ignorant of the truth who did not want to hear it. They wanted to welcome Iberdrola to invade more deeply into their peaceful home. One town gladly accepted a $5000. check from Iberdrola to improve the Library.

    They won; now they have IWTs two miles from residences – which is actually a better setback than the county enshrined in its unlawful “ordinance” – because Iberdrola actually realized they’d better give more buffer, than they probably would have – apparently influenced by the good fight we gave them.

    That small setback victory was probably influenced by the fact their existing IWTs were destroying a Geodesic Dome house that had been featured in a national Home magazine! This was undoubtedly made especially clear to them when they knew we were conducting Ambient Noise Studies in all the threatened rural neighborhoods. Minimum results of 17.5dBA on my property to ~22.5dBA in other locations – including their new site, must have gotten their attention! [My advice to all threatened communities is, do whatever you can to conduct ANS studies BEFORE the invasion! We had a very capable Engineer, not an acoustics engineer, who did the work with high-quality rented equipment and wrote excellent reports. The developers may complain about lack of proper credentials, but they will take notice of the low results.]

    I apologize for letting tunnel-vision blind me to the reality of the huge gains each and every “small victory” by Fellow-Warrriors represents in the Global War Against the Wind.

    But, I am infuriated and saddened by all the INNOCENT Cannon Fodder struck down as we fight the battles. As I know that You, Dr. Pierpont, and all of the Readers of Wind Turbine are, also.

    My prayers are with you, Australia, as:



    Itasca Small
    Wind Turbine Syndrome Refugee
    Navajo County, Arizona, U.S.A.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dairy cattle getting Wind Turbine Syndrome? Stray voltage? (Japan)

Jan 25, 2010

Click here for the full report (©Shizen to Ningen sha) in Japanese.  The following is a brief summary, by the journalist Yuki Tsuruta—Editor

—Yuki Tsuruta (1/25/10)

I visited two small islands in Nagasaki prefecture in November 2009.  This is what I was told by several of the dairy farmers.

(1)  Ukujima 24.9km2, population 3000.  The island has one 1000 kW wind turbine, built in 2001.

(a) Farmer A (340m from cow barn to the turbine).  This family has been dairy farming (breeding and raising cattle) for over 40 years.  Recently, some calves suffered from swelling of shoulder and knee joints.  Others had spinal curvature. The symptoms in each case get worse as they grow up.

The calves with swollen joints failed to gain enough weight. They were sold at one-third their normal price.

In addition, some of the cattle have weak estrus (it’s difficult to find evidence of estrus).

The family is worried they won’t be able to continue dairy farming.  “We don’t know if the cause is the wind turbine. But we never experienced this kind of problem before the turbine was built.”  The local veterinarian has no idea what is causing this.

(b) Farmer B (300m from cow barn to the turbine).  This family has been dairy farming for about 50 years.  Two or three years ago a calf was born with curvature of knee joints.  The farmer doesn’t know what caused it, yet he says he never experienced this before the turbine was built.  The local newspaper reported the story in September 2009.  The farmer fears the newspaper story might lower the price of his calves.

(2)  Azuchioshima, approximately 15km2, population 1700.  Sixteen 2000 kW wind turbines.

(c) Farmer C (100m from cow barn to a turbine).  In 2009, there was a sudden death among his cattle, plus two astasia [“inability to stand because of disruption of muscle coordination, usually from injury to the frontal lobes”], one abasia [“inability to walk”] not caused by injury, and one premature birth (stillborn).  These problems occurred three years in succession.  A health official confirmed they were abnormal.

(d) Farmer D (210m from cow barn to a turbine).  Premature births occurred three years in succession.  A newborn was stillborn in 2009.  The farmer doesn’t know the cause.  Recently, it has been difficlt to find estrus signs in his herd.  The man says he wants to quit dairy farming. He decreased his herd, commenting that “cattle are very sensitive animals. The cause might be the wind turbine noise.”

Yuki Tsuruta











Yuki Tsuruta

Note that the Japanese government’s recently-announced wind turbine health survey will not include livestock.  [Note: this article is from 2010.  I don’t know the current situation with the Japanese government survey.]]


  1. Comment by Marie on 10/23/2011 at 8:10 pm

    No one is listening to problems with wind turbines as the industry in parts of the world is controlled by money. They do not care about the impacts on humans and livestock, not to mention the marine creatures.

    There are many cases of impacts, but governments choose to ignore as the ‘renewable energy’ is given priority, yet turbines are not ‘green’. They cause CO2 emissions with their construction of copper, steel, fibreglass, hydraulic oil, a rare Chinese mineral which eats the miners’ clothes and of course 300 tonnes or more of the world’s worst pollutant i.e. concrete. Most receive subsidies from governments and give money to make sure they are okayed. There are far better forms of ‘green energy’ and this is not one of them

  2. Comment by Itasca Small on 05/15/2013 at 2:28 am

    I realize this comment is way late, but I just now have seen and read this article for the first time. I’m grateful for the link from the May 13, 2013, article on the devastating damage done to horse foals.

    This is an excellent report on the horrors done by IWTs to dairy cattle!

    I note the distances separating the turbines from the cow barns: 100 – 340 meters; or 365.76 feet – 1243.584 feet! Unconscionable!!!

    I was appalled when my home county in Arizona allowed 2.2MW IWTs to be sited at 500 feet from the breeding barns of Farmer John Brand pigs. [It’s been just over 2 years since the turbines in that wind power plant began turning, but I haven’t been able to spend much time in the area due to my own WTS. It would be good to know if the owners of that farm would honestly report any adverse effects on the pigs as they breed, gestate, and give birth in the IWT Torture Chamber.]

    But, in the above report, Farmer C’s cows are as close to the IWTs as 365.76 feet! Unbelievable!

    “Man’s inhumanity to Man…” is not restricted to his own Kind! The Evil is palpable as our Fellow-Man continues to perpetrate Global Carnage of birds, bats, wild animals, domestic animals, freshwater and saltwater creatures; the method of slaughter being Industrial Wind Turbines forced upon the world under false claims of “saving the planet!”

    The humans perpetrating the crime are sadistic, evil monsters, with no conscience. They are causing suffering, injury and death in human beings and all creatures of the Animal Kingdom wherever the toxic sound waves created and propagated by their instruments of torture invade Life’s Habitat.

    Wind Energy developers and proponents are modern-day Tomas de Torquemada emulators. Those activists who campaign against water-boarding as torture would do well to join the effort to expose the very real pernicious torture committed every day, everywhere on Earth as IWTs continue to turn!!!

    Itasca Small
    Wind Turbine Syndrome Refugee
    Navajo County, Arizona, U.S.A

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”  Proverbs 12:10