Messages of HOPE

“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”                Exodus 17:15

I could use this blog each day solely to address the specific topics confronting us, as a Nation under assault by the Collectivist/Progressive Revolutionary* Machine. But, they are symptoms of the disease, not the cause. Treating the symptoms does not cure the disease in Medicine, and it will not fix what ails America.

We can find such blogs and news analyses everywhere on the Internet, and on radio talk shows. If we want to learn details of given subjects, e.g. the assault on the Second Amendment and our God-given Right to Self-Defense embodied therein, there are many sources. I will write on such critical subjects, as the LORD wills, but that isn’t the only approach I will use.

Of course, it is important to learn all we can about each subject. However, the paramount necessity at this most critical time in our History as a Free Nation, Under God, is to learn, WHY!!!

Why is this happening?  Why has it gone so far that we are in grave and imminent danger of losing Our Liberty to All-Enslaving Tyranny?

Until “We the Sovereign American People” understand WHY…



America has lost the Key… we have turned as a Nation from the Biblical Foundation of these United States of America:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”   John Adams

He did not mean just any “religion”. America rests upon the Bedrock of the Judeo-Christian God, and the Common Law derived from The Ten Commandments of The Holy Bible. Those who tell you differently are trying to rewrite History!

The concerted attack on America is a crudely disguised war against Her Christian morality and its ethics, and deliberate campaign to destroy Her from within by demoralization and destabilization at the Core of Her success.** Only by turning America away from the LORD, can evil triumph. We must not mistake it: Collectivism/Progressivism is tyranny, and,



[NOTE: 2/26/13.  A six-minute excerpt from Messianic Rabbi Cahn’s Message to America – referenced below, is now on this post, and playable!  The text has been updated, regarding the link to the original Message.  I was not able to embed the original.]

God is warning us of OUR IMPENDING DESTRUCTION, because He is removing His Protection, but, by His Grace, He is also telling us THERE IS HOPE!!!

On January 21, 2013, the LORD gave a man words to speak to Our Nation! Are you puzzled? To whom do I refer? Was that the Public Inauguration Day? I couldn’t possibly mean Mr. Obama…?

Many readers will have heard nothing about this man’s speech, titled, “Message to America”.  I didn’t hear of it until more than a week later. The Media has effectively blacked-out widespread coverage of the event. Why? Because when America sees, hears, or reads it, We the People will take heart, hope renewed, and God will use it to inspire and encourage other Americans to rise, and stand for this ONE NATION, UNDER GOD!!!

Throughout History, God has spoken to His people to inspire, warn, admonish, and lift them up to stand for Him! America is an exceptional Nation, under God, and He will give us the means to defeat the forces of evil, if we will turn back to Him.

…if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  2 Chronicles 7:14

The 2013 Presidential Inauguration Prayer Breakfast Keynote Speech was delivered by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. [A Messianic Rabbi is a Jewish Believer in Yeshua (Jesus).] Videos of his “Message to America” were  taken off the Web under claims of illegality!

After overcoming the legal challenges, the Rabbi’s Ministry: “Hope to the World”, and others, were able to make them available again. [The website: has the original video, a six-minute excerpt – the portion directed to Mr. Obama, also shown below, and .pdf downloadable texts, in English and German.]

This Message is a powerful warning of lessons from the history of Ancient Israel tied uncannily to 9/11 and subsequent events that present a clear pattern of God’s removal of His protection from a nation that has turned away from Him to near destruction. But, the Message is not one of Gloom and Doom!

It is a message of HOPE springing from the fountainhead of His gracious love and mercy. Rabbi Cahn calls these Modern Day events incredibly tied to Biblical events, “Harbingers”, as they are warning signs. When warning is given before disaster, it is possible to avoid it… There is HOPE! If there is no warning, there is no hope. God is giving America warning:

HOPE exists in our dire straits!!!

The Message was also an admonishment to America’s leaders, and specifically to Mr. Obama, against the wrong direction they are taking our Nation and against violating his oath of office – taken with his hand on The Bible. (Mr. Obama did NOT attend this inaugural prayer breakfast that sought God’s blessings on the day of his second inaugural.)

The Message does culminate in a powerful word calling for National Revival and Repentance!

I urge everyone to consider watching the video and/or reading the text of the Message. [Messianic Rabbi Cahn also wrote the book, “Harbinger”.]  The video provided here is the six-minute excerpt from the full Message.  It is the portion addressed directly to Mr. Obama and his oath-taking with his hand upon Abraham Lincoln’s copy of The Holy Bible.


There was another speech, February 8, 2013, at another National Prayer Breakfast. The message received much more coverage in the Media. This time Mr. and Mrs. Obama attended, seated at the speaker’s table. The speaker was Dr. Benjamin Carson; highly regarded worldwide, he is Division Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital. He wrote the book, “America the Beautiful”. He and his wife started and run a scholarship foundation you can find, at:   The video is no longer on his site.  Here is a link to it which includes the text:

I urge everyone to consider watching the video; I believe you will experience a renewal of HOPE for our future!

Speaking softly, without fear, he seems to have followed President Theodore Roosevelt’s advice to, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick!”, except, his “big stick” was the Sword of Truth. He and his message made such a favorable impact that many people are calling for him to run for the presidency in 2016!

Both he and Rabbi Cahn approach our current distress from a Biblical point of view, illustrating the reason for the decline of our Great Nation: moral breakdown, and overreaching government dragging us into tyranny.


The Tide is turning!!! The LORD is moving to stir Americans across the Nation to ACTION!  Not simple action against specific occurrences, but action to speak-out in the totality – by faith and trust in Him – calling “We the People” to hear, and to seek to know Him, His Will and His Purpose: His Answer to the Clear and Present Danger facing Our Nation, Under God!

That Answer is: call upon Him to repair the moral structure, bound in belief, faith and trust in Him, through Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior. If “We the Sovereign People of America” just turn back to Him, and let Him USE US to effect His Will, He will guide us to action, and right the demoralization and destabilization by His Omnipotence. He will do the changing – we must stand to let Him do it, in and through us!


I am NOT saying that we must stick our heads back into the sand; ignoring the specific signs of tyranny unleashed. We must become aware of ALL the blatant attacks on our Freedom to exercise our God-given Liberty. That is why I’m building a Section of selected news items; a gallery where readers can learn of progress in our favor, and of how the evil is manifesting.

The LORD will USE US to right the outrages we see all around us, but only if we turn to Him.


Every day, we can see more of the “ICEBERG“; The “Fundamental Transformation of America” rapidly accelerates! Evidence surfaces daily attesting to the man-caused cancer gnashing away at Our Liberty. Those Americans who only have access to the “Mainstream Media” (Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage has named it, “The Fifth Column”), do not perceive the mountain of proof, but: there IS a War Against Our God-given Liberty!

The propaganda machine is insidiously successful. Use the right buzzwords to push the right buttons and millions of Americans quickly believe, “black is white and white is black”. The Alinskyites and other Collectivist/Progressives use them to perfectly apply the Russian concept: “pravda”. The word used by Russian Communists to name the false “truth” they fed their citizenry to keep them indoctrinated and brainwashed.

With pompous, unfulfillable, “pie-in-the-sky” promises, Mr. Obama mesmerizes the “low information voter” and others, who are so busy living day-to-day they don’t question the lies they hear every day from the Obama Administration, others in the Federal Government, Local and State Government, Media, pseudoscientists, pseudoeconomists, and their Fellow-Travellers. These millions of Americans do not recognize Truth when they hear it, because they are trained to see the world from only one aspect. As Mr. Bezmenov describes, the training blinds them to logic and reason.

The power elite and its “army” demonize, denigrate, and otherwise falsely characterize or accuse those who are figuratively crying, “The British are coming!”  The falsely educated millions reject Truth, clinging to programmed trust in puppetmasters.

The real challenge facing America is to reach those millions of our Fellow-Americans, that they will see Truth – before it is too late! But, simply trying to reach them by arguing, or tactfully urging them to see, using specific topics, will not succeed.

Many seemingly unconnected occurrences face us on different Fronts. Following and understanding all of it can be overwhelming,

 Awaken America, only God can save us!!!

*See “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution The Alinsky Model”, David Horowitz, David Horowitz Freedom Center, (800) 752-6562, [email protected], or:

**See interviews with former KGB propaganda specialist, Yuri Bezmenov. It helps to remember that when he tells you demoralization obvious in Today’s America cannot be corrected, his opinion does not consider God and His Power to open the hearts, minds, and souls of any one of His creatures made in His image!  You can find videos of his interviews from the mid-1980s, by searching his name.


“If at any time I declare concerning a nation or a kingdom, that I will pluck up and break down and destroy it, and if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I intended to do to it.”  Jeremiah 18:7-8;  see The Book of Jonah for “Nineveh” example .

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