“It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.  There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern.  They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”  Daniel Webster

This Page logs the Menu Page by original publication date, and the last date of any edits to the Page.

Pages are logged with the oldest at the bottom of the list and the latest at the top.

Like the Post Update Log, most of the editing of these Pages is very minor, but in some cases included expanding or clarifying aspects of the text, adding a note, and fixing broken links.

August 10, 2013

I just published a new Page: “WIND More Sources” in the “Wind War Against Life” Menu Section.

August 8, 2013

Added shows to the “Radio Show” page in the “Other Sources” Menu Section.

August 5, 2013

I’ve updated “[NOTE 2]…. ” in the references section of “Wind War Against Life On Earth.  And, added a note on new article links on “Wind Turbine Syndrome Site Links.”

June 23, 2013

I have repaired several bad links on different Posts and Pages, added new links, and added comments where appropriate at certain links.  I’ve also had to make additional changes to titles to eliminate punctuation marks for Search Engine Optimization.

Page                                                                    Published                           Last Edited

WIND More Sources                                            8/10/13
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions                   7/10/13
Wind Turbine Videos                                           6/11/13                           
In Their Own Words                                           5/14/13
…Conservative Voices                                        5/14/13
……2nd Amendment                                          5/14/13
……Jihadist Terrorism                                         5/14/13
……Prayer Breakfasts                                         5/14/13
ACTIVITY LOG Pages                                            4/29/13                                     8/8/13
ACTIVITY LOG Posts                                            4/29/13
ANNOUNCEMENTS                                              4/28/13                                        8/13
…title change; update
COMMENTS and ACTIVITY LOGS                         4/28/13
ONE NATION UNDER GOD                                   4/26/13
LINK TO MR. OBAMAS SCHEDULE                      4/26/13                                     6/3/13
…title change
NOTE TO SIGHT IMPAIRED READERS                  4/26/13                                  4/28/13

GOD IN STATE CONSTITUTIONS                          4/21/13                    4/26/13 (Tab position)
WIND TURBINE SYNDROME SITE LINKS             4/16/13                                    8/5/13
…New Article Links added                                                                                 6/22/13
…New Article Link added                                                                                   6/10/13
…New Article Link added; updated                                                                    6/4/13
…New Article Link added                                                                                   5/22/13
…New Article Link added                                                                                   5/17/13
…New Article Links added                                                                                 5/16/13
…New Article Links added                                                                      5/14/15 & 5/15/13
Title Change/Typo/New Tiny URLs +                                                             5/05/13
WIND WAR AGAINST LIFE                                    4/16/13                                    8/5/13

…repaired link; added link
Defense of the 2nd Amendment                        2/25/13                                   6/3/13

…repaired links
Assault on the 2nd Amendment                        2/25/13                                    6/3/13

…repaired links; added update
Site Structure Note                                              2/17/13                                  4/16/13

Radio Shows                                                         2/17/13                                   8/8/13
News and Commentary                                      2/17/13                                   5/11/13
Ministries and Organizations                              2/17/13                                  5/11/13
Other Sources                                                       2/17/13                                  2/25/13
The Battle Hymn of the Republic                        2/12/13
America the Beautiful                                          2/12/13
If Mankind was Meant to Live                            2/12/13
Poetry and Lyrics                                                  2/12/13                                  4/01/13
Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg Address             2/12/13
Amendments XI thru XXVII                                 2/09/13                                  2/10/13
TRANSFORMING AMERICA                                  2/06/13                                   3/28/13
Green Quest for POVERTY                                   2/01/13                                   2/17/13
WAR ON ENERGY                                                  2/01/13                                   2/25/13
CONTACT ME                                                         1/30/13                                   4/26/13
Bill of Rights                                                          1/29/13                                   2/09/13
United States Constitution                                 1/29/13
Declaration of Independence                              1/29/13
HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS                                    1/29/13                                   2/25/13
Mission Statement                                                1/21/13                                   2/17/13
Who Am I                                                               1/20/13                                   3/22/13


“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”  Thomas Jefferson


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