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Is WIND Earths Salvation

“It is He Who sits on the circumference of the earth, with its inhabitants like grasshoppers;…Who turns governors into nothingness; Who makes judges of the land into naught — as if they were not even planted, as if they were not even sown, as if their stock was not even rooted in the ground; even if He were to blow on them they would wither, and a storm wind would carry them away like stubble.”  Isaiah 40:22-24

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“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private.”  C. S. Lewis

Is Wind Energy Earth’s Salvation?

a terribly destructive HOAX,
fueled by the People’s Treasure
in every nation succumbing to the
Siren Call

“The amazing conclusion is that the wind energy produces more radioactive waste per MWH [MegaWattHour] than does a nuclear facility!” [Note 1, see below]  John Droz, jr. 


“No person shall be . . . deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”
Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (applies to the federal government)
See Historical Documents Section on this site.

“No State shall . . . deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”  Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (applies to the states)
See Historical Documents Section.


April 11, 2013, CBC interview re: new economic report by Fraser Institute on Canada’s Green Energy Act failure:

Or, is it
without meaningful

Reasonable, compassionate human beings want to know the honest answer to this extremely important question.

The information and ~50 weblinks and videos on this Post will testify, and lead to hundreds of other supportive weblinks, that Industrial Wind Energy is founded in wishful thinking, pseudo science, and inefficient, exorbitantly expensive, pre-20th Century technology dressed-up to fool the People of America and All of Earth.

And, we are fooled – until we learn the hard way that it is a sham and world-class scam.  Rather than a Scientific Approach to really solving our energy needs.  It is a boondoggle advancing across the face of the earth like a juggernaut, as wind developers and their enablers wage a destructive

War Against Life on Earth.

And, those developers are looting the Public Treasury
like ravenous animals tearing apart their prey.



By its nature, it will NEVER replace fossil fuels for any semblance of electrical power to energize Man’s Modern World.  It will not replace fossil fuels because it cannot produce clean, efficient power – even if it could do so on a predictable reliable scale.  Which it cannot do!

The relatively few jobs it creates are artificial and parasitic, feeding upon the economies of the world.  Spain alone learned at the cost of a devastated economy, that for every wind job created, two were lost from the overall economy!

Every place wind energy is aggressively pursued, and funded from the Public Treasury, the result is a NET LOSS OF JOBS AND A FAILING ECONOMY.  Left unchecked, it WILL destroy economies, the environment, and LIVES, plunging the world into a

New Darker Dark Ages!

  1. [Note 1]  Manufacture of the enormous structures includes use and processing of Rare Earth Elements (REE), which also results in radioactive waste contributing to destruction of the environment, and, yes, THE PLANET.  Reportedly, “several thousands of pounds of REE per turbine…” along with the radioactive waste, and “…for every ton of REE there can be about a ton of radioactive waste.”; pp.9-10.  “The amazing conclusion is that the wind energy produces more radioactive waste per MWH [MegaWattHour] than does a nuclear facility!”  John Droz, jr.  [Note 1]
  2. Wind energy is intermittent and unpredictable at best.  Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) can only generate electricity that must be transmitted instantaneously to customers forcing other supplies off the lines and requiring instantaneous resumption when the wind stops.  This intermittency must be compensated by back-up fossil fuel, usually gas-fired plants.
  3. Because existing and newly required fossil fuel plants must always be ready to ramp-up or down dependent upon the variations of the uncontrollable wind – there is NO reduction in CO2, and some increases!  IT’S NOT GREEN!!!
  4. Under-productive in weather and time of day that need more electricity.
  5. Over-productive when there is less demand, but the utility still has to pay for energy it cannot use!
  6. Abysmal efficiency = EXORBITANT PRICES TO RATEPAYERS.
  7. Ratepayers, businesses and residences alike must pay ever-increasing rates to subsidize it.
  8. Multiple methods of extorting money from taxpayer and ratepayers are sucking us dry in an already precarious economy.
  9. One 2.2 MW turbine tower uses about 1000 gallons of oil.
  10. A Wind Power Plant requires grid electrical power to run the facility and reportedly to “jump-start” the turbines!  [Some reports say fossil fuel, Liquid Propane is used to jump-start them.]
  11. NET JOBS LOSS and weakened economy.  Spain is the first example of the economic destruction from Industrial Wind Energy; two jobs lost for every one Wind Energy job created.

These are just some of the negative aspects of Industrial Wind Energy.



But, there are those who only want to hear what fits their agenda, even if that means believing pseudo-science and other deceptions to feel good about helping to “save Earth” from fossil fuel energy.  [Save it for what, if life is destroyed in the process?]

They are merely a small fraction of the estimated 7.078 billion people on the planet.


There is one true answer to wind energy’s proven effect on the planet.

There are many sources to find the facts.  I cannot begin to cover all the evidence contributing to the only, logical and rational Truth,


Industrial Wind Energy does not belong
on the face of the earth,
nor in the sky above –
should means be invented to site it there.
[It creates micro-warming climates, with local desertification in the region.]

It is perniciously harmful to all living cells!!!

Accepting IWTs anywhere is NIMBYism (Not In My Backyard); any “setbacks” from my property infringe upon some one, some animal – bird – bat – fish – etc., wherever they are permitted.  Therefore, if I say they are okay outside any given setback distance from my property, I am willing to subject other living beings to the dire effects I don’t accept for myself.

Until human beings believe that IWTs do not belong anywhere, they will continue to be sited everywhere a developer wants to put them, including as close to people as callous and capricious local governments will permit them.


I have learned the hard way —

A “Displaced-Refugee” Victim of Wind Turbine Syndrome, my adrenal glands were nearly destroyed by toxic Infrasound generated by IWTs sited 11.25+ MILES from my home!  I am one of the growing number of human beings worldwide FORCED by wind permitting, complicit governments to

by the ever-advancing
Wind Energy Front in the
War Against Life on Earth!!!

A bit over-the-top, you say?


When you learn the toll of human, bird, bat, raptor, wild and domesticated animals, you will see that these characterizations are correct.

Are we at least compensated so we can begin our lives anew far from the thousands of acres invaded by the

Gigantic Monsters in their
Forests of Illogical Dreams?

Narry a penny!
We are FORCED to become
Displaced-Refugee Victims
of the
Wind Energy Juggernaut!!!

The truth is, no reasonable person wants to live near them even without knowing the very serious adverse health effects.  Hence, home values plummet – if you can find a buyer – and many homes are simply


People do not abandon, or sell their homes
at a substantial loss, without a compelling reason!

Testimony of Michael McCann on property value impacts in Adams County, [Illinois]:


Many people who believe wind energy is wonderful and is saving the environment, are appalled and incredulous when they heard even a few of the facts of industrial wind energy’s negative effects on lives and economies across the globe and its overall devastating impact on the environment.

These negative effects happen to all living creatures, plant life and the earth itself.

Some realize the damage sooner than others!!!

But, the insidious, pernicious effects begin the instant living cells are subjected to the ILFN (Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise) generated and propagated by IWTs.  Individual health status of the living being, and exact ILFN conditions affect how long it takes to perceive the effects.  Renowned scientist/inventor Nikola Tesla warned the world of the destructive power of Infrasound on all living cells.

Science and technology have known of life-threatening effects of Infrasonic Wave Radiation for more than a century!

Known damage is caused by 1MW-rated and larger IWTs, which includes most of those operating and under construction today.  They are only getting LARGER!!!  Increasing the danger.

Because the Laws of Physics cause necessarily abysmal efficiency rates, the industry must continually make them BIGGER, trying to get more electricity out of them – and gobbling-up multiple thousands of land acreage (or hectares), as they seek elusive, unreachable goals.

This is the reason Man abandoned wind energy as a large-scale source of energy in a modernizing world at the end of the 19th Century!  It is unreliable, intermittent, variable, and the technology used to generate it cannot be modernized in defiance of the Laws of Physics.

The ridiculously low efficiency can never be economically feasible.  Just giving it more time and throwing billions upon billions of dollars at it



They are now available in  6MW-rated capacity, mega-monstrosities; with 10MW in sight.  2.2MW IWTs are about 500 feet tall.  Imagine the size at 6MW, or 10MW!!!

But, efficiency does not increase with size or quantity, causing ever-increasing electricity rates to consumers.


We humans are the only living beings capable of voicing protest against the invasion and unconstitutional “taking” of our homes and communities. [See quotes from the 5th & 14th Amendments, above.]  We must speak not only for ourselves and fellow humans, we must also speak for the voiceless creatures!


but we hear them bouncing back at us off figurative “block walls,” as leaders beat the drum for more IWTs everywhere they can force them upon us.  The media is complicit in the deception; misquoting, making parodies of us, publishing propaganda and making false claims to make us appear ignorant, and “fringe,” to audiences who have never heard the real facts.

We are only the beginning.

As long as the boondoggle evades discovery by deception, our numbers will grow.  Many will join our ranks and experience unjust treatment first-hand.  Many more birds, bats, eagles, and other animals will die and/or suffer without the ability to cry for help!

Unless the world awakens soon!


As long as a person believes there is no threat to his life or family, he is naturally inclined to accept change he believes is safe and necessary.

When that change suddenly proves a threat to his FAMILY’S LIFE,

he realizes there is something very wrong, setting-out to alert his neighbors and his government to the danger.  The reception he finds among the indoctrinated, and the willfully blind government officials boggles the mind – it is not easy to fight against lies, power, money, and greed.


Wind energy developers are 21st Century Carpetbaggers

conducting a very skilful marketing scheme against trusting citizens, revenue-hungry public officials, and, yes, desperate landowners enticed with lies and ensnared with contracts that say they cannot report any adverse effects of allowing the siting of wind turbines on their property. [Note 3, see below]

They are “gagged” to remain silent no matter the harm inflicted.

And those carpetbaggers laugh all the way to the bank with their BILLIONS in ill-gotten taxpayer subsidies and tax credits, loans guaranteed by the U. S. Government, and exorbitant contract payments for the relatively miniscule amounts of electricity actually produced.  They even extort payment for electricity the supplier can’t use!

The wind energy industry, its pseudo-scientific fellow-travellers, and all levels of government have SOLD-OUT trusting people worldwide. 


selling the GREATEST SCAM ever perpetrated upon the people of every nation of the globe, with full cooperation of the majority of Media as they suppress Truth.


All of the above just exposes the TIP of the ICEBERG!

Wind Energy can NEVER fulfill the promises made for it.

It causes untold HIGH IMPACT, negative effects and,




Following are sources to facilitate your research.  This is a relatively small number compared to the countless sites available online.  They can give you a running start.  [For easy research access, selected portions of this Post, will also appear on a Page in the Menu Section, on the Tab: “WIND: WAR AGAINST LIFE ON EARTH”.]

These links give diverse examples of the facts: scientific, economic, technological, energy, necessity for subsidization and ever-increasing electricity rates, epidemiology, health studies, effects on animals, etc.  [Please leave a comment if you have problems with any links on this page.]

Zero Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction – Australia:

[Note 2]  [The feed referenced didn’t always work, so I removed it, please see the “WIND TURBINE SYNDROME SITE LINKS” Page for updates and other options.]
The Wind Turbine Syndrome site is updated frequently with the latest stories that come in from around the world chronicling the atrocities of wind energy and economic, technical, and medical studies and discoveries.  You can find current stories stories and commentary
posted by the site owner, Calvin Martin, Ph.D.  You can access all of the features on the site directly:

An important update on Vindication of the courageous doctor who identified and named Wind Turbine Syndrome, Dr. Nina Pierpont.  [You can buy her book on the site]

[Note 3]  Farmer regrets hosting wind turbines!  Courageous, honest farmer speaks the truth:

Part 1, of Epidemiology Consultant Dr. Carl V. Phillips’ testimony to the Lee County, Illinois, Zoning Board.  When each video ends, it will load a grid of more videos to select, the next Part will be one of these and you can click on the image to open it.  You can also find the Parts 2 – 9 videos, in the page sidebar, here:   (As you select each Part in sequence, subsequent Parts will appear higher in the sidebar.)

“I am a researcher and consultant in areas related to economics, epidemiology, scientific epistemology, and social research.”  Dr. Phillips


CHILDREN: “The Noise From Wind Turbines: Potential Adverse Impacts on Children’s Well-Being:”   Effects on Children are heart-breaking; there are testimonies available on the Wind Turbine Syndrome site, above, and a number of “Wind Action Group” sites.

April 18, 2013, article on “Current News and Articles Page,” includes the following video. “Behavioral Pediatrician Warns of Wind Turbine Syndrome in Children (Ontario):”

AUTISTIC: 4/14/13, Google Search Results Page:; TOO MANY TO CHOOSE!!!

“Wind turbines and cows (and people) don’t mix (Wisconsin).  Personal testimonies of Victims:”


April, 2013, The Beacon Hill Institute Report: “The Economic Impact of Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff:”

Video. North Carolina House of Representatives Commerce Committee: “House panel approves renewable energy rollback:”

WPRI Report: “The Economic Impact of Wisconsin’s Renewable Portfolio Standard:”

“Blow-out Sale: BP Plans to Divest US Wind Properties:”

“Wind Power is an Environmental Wrecking Ball:”; by energy expert, Jon Boone.  This is an excellent essay on “power” exposing Wind “Power.” Original publication, “Oxymoronic Windpower, (Part 1: Howlers)”

“Modern Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously “Dirty” Electricity:”

CATO Institute: Truth known in 1997! “RENEWABLE ENERGY: Not Cheap, Not ‘Green’:” ;

UPDATE: May 31, 2013:

John Droz, jr. provides several websites for A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH to wind energy facts.  He is a physicist and has been an environmental activist for 25 years.  He now advocates for “All of the Sensible” energy solutions:

His AWED Energy & Environmental Newsletter appears about every 2-3 weeks at: ; [The “MasterResource” website has a lot of information!!!]

“Our Energy Policy: From Scientists, or Lobbyists:”

“Wind Production Tax Credit Information:”

“Wind Development in North Carolina:”

The North Carolina “Affordable and Reliable Energy Act: An Economic Assessment:”

[Note 1]  The North Carolina “Affordable and Reliable Energy Act: An Environmental Assessment.”

“… Permitting of Wind Energy Facilities:”

“Science Under Assault.”  Excellent analysis of what is happening to science in the 21st Century!

John Locke Foundation.  “Spotlight: Power to the People”:

Another link for Dr. Carl V. Phillips, an excellent Paper: “Properly Interpreting the Epidemiologic Evidence About the Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines on Nearby Residents:”

Dr. Sarah Laurie is a Medical Doctor and Medical Director of the Waubra Foundation, Australia.  She is quite active in conducting research in wind turbine-caused adverse health effects.  She is a courageous advocate for Wind Turbine Syndrome Victims through the Waubra Foundation.

“Wind Turbine Syndrome Health Assessment:”

Audio: Australia wind turbine syndrome victim interview; with Dr. Sarah Laurie:

Audio: Wind Wise Radio interview with Dr. Sarah Laurie:

Two Australian doctors, including Dr. Sarah Laurie, give a great deal of information on health effects/wind turbine syndrome:

“Health effects of turbines? We already know:”

“Summary of Recent Research on Adverse Effects of Wind Turbines:”

“Wind Turbine Syndrome Documented Out To 10KM (Australia):”
[WTS is occurring at least as far as 12.5 MILES in Navajo County, Arizona; I am one of its victims at 11.25 MILES!!!]

Weekly Radio Talk Show on all aspects of wind energy, with guests and live call-in:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a sobering wake-up call to understanding the true effects of Industrial Wind Turbines on ALL life!!!  This is the Paper that showed me IWTs DO NOT BELONG ANYWHERE ON EARTH!!!

This link takes you to a VERY GOOD SITE; this particular page is a lengthy synopsis, with a link to download Ivan Buxton’s, Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound (Some possible causes and effects on land-based animals and freshwater creatures):

Ocean Life: “Low-frequency sounds induce acoustic trauma in cephalopods” (giant squid):

Protected-Bird Deaths by Wind Energy Go Unpunished:

Whooping Cranes in danger of extinction in 5 years – 9/8/12, and counting:

Another perspective on whooping cranes and other birds:

“Winding Up: Scotland’s Anti-wind Farm Group Speaks Out:”

These sources are a drop-in-the-bucket compared with the huge number of articles, studies, testimonies, etc., that tell the true story of Industrial Wind Energy!!!

Itasca Small


“…they shall judge the people with righteous judgment.  You shall not pervert justice.  You shall not show partiality, and you shall not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and subverts the cause of the righteous.  Justice, and only justice, you shall follow, that you may live and inherit the land that the LORD your God is giving you.”  Deuteronomy 16:18-20

soli Deo gloria
to God alone be glory.