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“And Moses built an altar and called the name of it, The LORD Is My Banner,”                Exodus 17:15

America is at the Edge of the Abyss.  How to escape the Depths?  

Motivator: Desire for Truth.  Tool: True Education.  Enabling: In GOD, We Trust.

In my last post, “This Site’s Focus”, I referenced a White Paper.  It’s Author is Tom Lahman of “The Chevelon Alliance”.  The title is:

Obama And the Destruction of America

This White Paper is impressively comprehensive, including many resources relevant to the causes – and the culminating effects, Today – of the dire strait in which America is now mired.  Yet, considering the task’s enormity, Mr. Lahman has accomplished an admirable feat in thoroughly presenting information that will shock and motivate all who seek the truth of what brought us to our “Clear and Present Danger”.

I wrote in, “This Site’s Focus”, that Mr. Obama, himself, is not the focus for sole blame for the current state-of-the-nation.  Future posts and other resources on this site, including Mr. Lahman’s writings, will show the evolving, “Movement of Many”, and the Obama Administration’s importance in the Final Stages of that Movement’s desired, “Transformation of America”.

A horse on a long trek, tired, walking along – the spring gone from his step – smells the Water of Home, and is instantly reanimated!  Perking his ears, tossing his head, he whinnies, and steps spritely once more; straining against the reins in strong desire to break into a gallop and race Home.

This is the picture I see in my mind’s eye, as I witness with increasing alarm, the audacity, and the brazen manner in which this current Administration is tromping on the Constitution, as Mr. Obama and his cohorts abuse and pervert the power entrusted to them by the Citizens they are swiftly making into Subjects.  All the while, the so-called “Opposition Party” fawns and figuratively bows and scrapes in its impotence to stand against the outrageous truth of it all.

I do not lay the blame solely at Mr. Obama’s feet, nor the rest of the Executive Branch.  The Legislative and Judicial Branches have done nothing substantial to effectively impose their constitutional duty of Checking and Balancing against the blatant destruction of Our Freedom to exercise Our God-given American Liberty, in Our Once and FUTURE, Greatest Nation in the History of Man.  And, most of the News Media have deliberately colluded to aid and abet the subversion!

Mr. Obama stands proud and defiant upon the shoulders of his predecessors who brought us to the state that made it possible that he could be “The One” to take the Movement across the Finish Line.

Wait!!!  They’re not there yet!  This is still the United States of America!  Informed Americans will not let Our Liberty be stolen by tyrants without opposition!  We will fight peacefully with every figurative weapon we can wield – the pen guided by God is mightier than the gun of government held to the heads of We the Free and Sovereign People!

As you read Obama And the Destruction of America you will be powerfully moved toward considering Mr. Lahman’s conclusion logical.  It is to Each Reader to decide whether he stands to join the Call to Secession, or against it.  I have resisted embracing this Call, but, as the “iceberg” is exposed, I must fervently seek the LORD’s Will as I think of all the reasons such action may truly be required.

But, I’M NOT there, yet!  There are still means that we could and should use, in our several States, to stop this attack.  They lie in Truth – in America, We the People ARE SOVEREIGN!!!  The governments are our servants, we are NOT their slaves!!!

The People, in our Individual States, are the Sovereign People (the state governments are NOT! ), and WE must reclaim OUR POWER by demanding that our state and local governments ACT NOW to restrain and cage the marauding beast the federal government has become!!!

There ARE OPTIONS, and this Site will present some broad details as soon as possible, as Almighty God wills.  First, we must all be OPEN to re-education in the TRUE FACTS, no matter how unpleasant or unbelievable!

Let us awaken!  Arise once more, “Sleeping Giant”!  (America – as feared by Japanese Admiral Yamamoto after he led the infamous Pearl Harbor Attack, December 7, 1941!)

LET US NO LONGER BE “SILENT”, Majority!  America, awake!  Let US be the ones who smell the pure, free, Water of Liberty and Home, as WE THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE rise to take Our Nation back!!!

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To see excerpts from Mr. Lahman’s White Paper, click on the “TRANSFORMING AMERICA?” Menu Tab, above.

The paper can be accessed at:

You can also find it at:; You can find it there by entering “Chevelon Alliance” in the search window.

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“Say…whether peace is best preserved by giving energy to the government, or information to the people.  This last is the most certain and the most legitimate engine of government.  Educate and inform the whole mass of the people.  Enable them to see that it is their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them.  And it requires no very high degree of education to convince them of this.  They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”   Thomas Jefferson

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