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2 thoughts on “CONTACT ME

  1. marc jeremiason

    It was nice to meet you last night. I was trying to dig through my pockets to find Huppenthal’s business card. Interesting; the one he gave me was nothing like the one he gave you.

    I like your website and Love your URL.

    1. Itasca Small Post author

      Yes, I was pleased to meet a fellow Patriot. I’ve only just been able to get to the computer, so haven’t visited your site, yet. I look forward to seeing it; I expect that I will find much good information there! That IS interesting; the one he gave me is his office business card. I suspect yours must be a campaign version. I’m sure the difference is the discussion of his “Native American” advisory group.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you like the site, and, I praise the Lord for my URL. . . .

      I’m very pleased that my connection seems to be working tonight! It’s been quite a challenge.


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