Radio Shows October 26

“A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”   James Madison

All radio shows listed are broadcast on AM stations; some are nationally syndicated, some local.

Access many on the internet by searching for the station by Call Letters, e.g. KKNT, if you know them, or by their own websites, as indicated.  Some websites include a station finder for broadcast station Call Letters.  You can listen live on most websites.

Some are available free, with sign-up, on iHeart Radio at:


Added information to Shane Krauser entry, below.*


Eric Harley & Gary McNamara: "Red Eye Radio," nights on many stations.
                             For more information, visit their website:
Rudy K: "Main Street Out Loud," KKNT - 960 AM, The Patriot. Saturday,
        3-4PM, MST.
Christian Tisch: "Proclaiming Liberty with Christian Tisch," KKNT -
                  960 AM, The Patriot. Saturday, 8-9PM, MST.
Jay Sekulow: American Center for Law and Justice. Fighting legal battles
             against attacks on Liberty. Rebroadcast from weekday show.
             Saturday, 9PM, MST, KKNT - 960 AM, The Patriot. 

ADDED MAY 10, 2013

Shane Krauser: "Liberty Storm," KKNT - 960 AM, The Patriot. Saturday,
               5-7 PM, MST:  Miscellaneous
               guest and teaching programs on restoring Liberty and the
               "Unconstitutional Minute," KKNT. Access them online at:
               or, via the HOME Page:

  *October 26: I have now seen Shane in person two times and am quite
               impressed with him! He is doing a great job travelling
               the country and teaching America's Foundation and how to
               restore Our Liberty, under God and Our Constitution!!!
               His knowledge, enthusiasm and passion fire-up the
               For archives, see:

Steve Kates: "A Call to Rights," KFNX - 1100 AM. Saturday, 12-2 PM, MST.
             Miscellaneous guest programs on restoring Liberty;
             the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Mark Levin : most knowledgeable I've heard on the Constitution.
            Actively fights Obama Administration actions in court.
            Successful on Recess Appointments case. BEST SELLERS!
   The Mark Levin Show
      radio: 184 stations
      online:; access the show live
              & archived. 40 links to other sources.
   Landmark Legal Foundation:

Glenn Beck: Many stations
      online:; access TheBlaze Radio Live,
                GBTV, etc.

Mark Steyn: Popular guest host on top shows.  Always glad to 
            hear him!
      online:; blog +

Messianic Rabbi Moshe Laurie: Facebook Profile: "A born again
   Judeo/Christian Believer - leader of Messianic Jewish
   congregations, a broadcaster and head of Bible Voice USA.
   Formerly: a U.S. Marine, Israeli Secret Service, IDF, and
   Israel National Police.  I am a seeker of truth."  Has
   continuing access to info; analysis of current events
   with Bible-based insights.
      one station: WGGH, Marion, Illinois, "Truth In Life"
                   Saturday Morning, 10-12 CST.
                   NEW WEB ADDRESS - No Commercials!!!

       access online:
                        scroll to "Radio Show Truth In Life";
                     click link. Select, and click link
                     under studio picture.  Archives

Michael Savage: Many stations. BORDERS/LANGUAGE/CULTURE - 
                  his slogan! If you try him several times, he
                "grows on you"!
      online:; find stations, +
Dennis Prager: Many stations. Slogan: The American Trinity:
               E Pluribus Unum/Liberty/In God We Trust; Prager
               University online.
      online:; show access live/archives 

Hugh Hewitt: Many stations.
      online:; show access live/archives

Mike Broomhead: KFYI Phoenix, 4-7PM, affiliated with Glenn Beck
      online:; listen live
    ; timely videos: 2nd
                Amendment, R. Reagan '64 speech, illegal
Rush Limbaugh: 600+ stations.
      online:; find a station/archives

Sean Hannity: Many stations.  TV show on Fox News Channel.
      online:; Find stations.

Laura Ingraham: Stations & regularly on O'Reilly Factor, Fox News.
      online:; station finder, listen
                live, lots on her site.

Lars Larson: Haven't heard him often - liked what I heard; son
             really likes him.
      online: for information.

Mark Davis: Own show + regular guest host on top shows.
      station: 660 AM The Answer 
      online:; listen live, other
              conservative hosts
    ; his video blog +

Mike Gallagher: Many stations. Weekly with Megyn Kelly/Fox News
      online:; archives +

Bill Bennett: Many stations. Former Sec. of Education and other.
      online:; find stations, listen

[I'll add others as I gather the information.  If you would like
me to add your favorites, please send me an email; see the
CONTACT Menu Tab for the address.]

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