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“What then shall we say to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?”         Romans 8:31


“Our Liberty, under God” is the foundation of our unique and exceptional American REPUBLIC.  Our God-given inalienable rights, including the foundational rights to Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness [Property], are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.  Stripping us of those rights would “transform” our Free Nation, under God, into a country devoid of its lifeblood – enslaved by the tyrannical oligarchy that strives now to complete her subversion.


These united States of America were formed into One Nation, under God, for the sole and noble purpose of establishing a Free and Sovereign People living in Liberty under the Moral Absolutes of Right & Wrong/Good & Evil found in The Common Law, derived from The Ten Commandments of The Holy Bible.  The brave and honorable men who secured our independence proceeded to establish Our Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for All!


“And call upon Me in the day of distress, I will release you and you will honor Me.”    Psalm 50:15

Beginning each day of the Constitutional Convention with prayer to Almighty God, they forged a document of limited governance based in Individual Liberty, with PROTECTION thereof that is unequaled and unsurpassed in the History of Man.  [A commentary on the Great Compromise will be available soon on this site in the Archives of FREE AMERICA!!!]


Now we are faced with the reality of a concerted campaign to subvert our Nation from the unique form of REPUBLIC created by our Founders – a truly exceptional government limited under the Sovereignty of We the People.

The effort to subjugate the People began early-on including through the Central Bank controlling the economy, and Chief Justice John Marshall entrenching the unconstitutional practice of Judicial Review; usurping power in declaring constitutionality of actions of the States, and the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal Government.  Thereby setting the Judicial Branch in authority over We the Sovereign People, the States and the Federal Government.  A usurpation we blindly allow!

Thankfully, President Andrew Jackson defeated the Central Bank in 1836, thus buying us 77 years.


Then, in 1913, President Woodrow Wilson – aka: “Disciple of Revolution” – and his ilk, forced upon us the Federal Reserve System, the Income Tax, and direct election of U.S. Senators.  With said Act and Amendments, the collectivists – self-identified “progressives” – began their onslaught against the Constitution, which their philosophy asserts is old, flawed and “living” for the illusion of changeability to their whims against the Individual Liberty it was created to PROTECT.


In 1911, Wilson’s confidante and co-conspirator for revolution, Colonel Edward M. House (founder of the Council on Foreign Relations), had anonymously written a novel for the purpose of presenting a blueprint for that revolution: Philip Dru: Administrator, A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935.

[The importance of this book was reflected in the Wall Street Journal, July 17, 1937: “New Deal’s Moves Follow Pattern of Book Written Quarter Century Ago; Col. House Emerges as Prophet. … The amazing thing is that, in its large outlines, almost the entire revolutionary program has been, or is in process of being realized under the two Democratic presidents who have served since Colonel House turned novelist for a few weeks.”  (emphasis added)]

Upon his fictional hero’s assumption of dictatorial powers over the U.S.A., House states, “If our late masters had been more moderate in their greed we would have been content to struggle for yet another period, hoping that in time we might again have justice and equality before the law.  But even so we would have had a defective Government, defective in its constitution and laws.  To have righted it, A CENTURY OF PUBLIC EDUCATION WOULD HAVE BEEN NECESSARY.” P.156 (emphasis added)


That CENTURY OF PUBLIC EDUCATION has now been achieved!  It is now 101 years since House wrote those words.  The Imperial Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is confirmation that his prediction has come true.  The successful perversion of the public education system launched a century ago by House and his fellow-travellers is responsible for the lack of knowledge and understanding among the American People that has allowed this Nation to reach the current state of Post-Constitutionalism now destroying America!

The deliberate indoctrination and “dumbing-down” of the People, hand-in-hand with the subversion of our economic and political systems, has brought us to the brink of the bottomless abyss of tyranny and enslavement by those who would be masters over our once Free Nation, under God!

The perversion of America’s educational system has been the lynchpin of her subversion to Post-Constitutional Collectivist Tyranny.


“Because God is infinitely just and all-powerful, we can be sure that evil will at last be destroyed.”    Revelation 19:12

Honest education must be instituted as quickly as possible in all streams of communication, with the Providence and Blessings of Almighty God!  Correcting that perverted system by teaching Historical Accuracy, with the Real Principles in Truth and Moral Absolutes, upon which Our Great Nation is founded, is the only means by which America will be SAVED!!!

Americans recognize Truth when we LISTEN and HEAR it!

“If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” Proverbs 18:13

My purpose in establishing this weblog is to prayerfully do all that I can, with the Blessings of Almighty God, to promote the education of America, toward re-establishment of OUR LIBERTY, UNDER GOD!!!        Itasca Small

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